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Bhagirathi River Uttarakhand

Bhagirathi River originates from the Gaumukh Glacier at the Khatling and Gangotri Glacier base. Gaumukh is located around 18 km from the Gangotri and is considered the birthplace of Ganga on earth. It is a turbulent Himalayan river in Uttarakhand and one of the two headstreams of the Ganges, India's holy river. Bhagirathi River flows at the height of 475 m above sea level, and it is used to produce power, and several hydroelectric dams have been built. It is 205 km in length, and the basin is around 6,921 square kilometers. Throughout the course of this river on hills, Bhagirathi is a major source of living for the locals and holds exceptionally high value. In addition, the river is joined by small streams and rivers. And it ends its journey when it constructs a union with the Alaknanda River to create Ganga at Devprayag.

Religious Significance of Bhagirathi River

According to the Hindu faith, mythology, and culture, Bhagirathi is the source stream of the Ganges. Bhagirathi is named after the king Bhagirath, narrated in the epic Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas. It is believed that he meditated to bring Ganga onto the earth so that his forefathers' sins can be washed away. After that, Ganga came down from heaven, but her force was so ferocious that the river would destroy the earth if not controlled. And Lord Shiva came and tied her to his tangled hair and released her in the form of seven streams. These seven streams are called Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Rishiganga, Janhvi, Saraswati, Bhilangana, and Mandakini. Therefore, Bhagirathi is also known as the Ganga River.

Bhagirathi River Course

We know  that Bhagirathi River origin is Gaumukh at the foot of Gangotri glacier and from there it reaches Gangotri. Then, the river travels down and arrives at Bhaironghati. After that, it moves towards Harsil, crosses Bhagirathi Granite, and enters a wide valley to meet two tributaries near Jhala. The river continues the flow towards Uttarkashi, Dharasu, Chinyalisar, and Tehri. From this old town Tehri, it travels to Devprayag via the Himalayas. In Devprayag, the river converges with the Alaknanda River and travels as the Ganga River.

Tributaries of Bhagirathi River

  • Bhagirathi River joined several tributaries listed below in the right order.
  • Kedar Ganga at Gangotri
  • Jadh Ganga at Bhaironghati
  • Kakora Gad and Jalandhari Gad near Harsil
  • Siyan Gad near Jhala
  • Asi Ganga near Uttarkashi
  • Bhilangna River near Old Tehri


Places to Visit Near Bhagirathi River

Bhagirathi has become a major tourist place in Uttarakhand as one of the most famous and holy rivers. However, you can explore famous tourist attractions near the Bhagirathi River by booking spiritual tour packages of Uttarakhand. Through your trip, you will get spiritualism and admire himalayan beauty. There are several tourist places near this river that you should visit on your Uttarakhand trip.

  • Tehri Dam
  • Dashrarth Shila
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Sangam

Being one of the sacred Rivers of India, thousands of tourists visit here to absorb the spirituality. Contact our tour experts if you plan your holy tour in Uttarakhand. We have a long list of well-curated religious tour packages for Uttarakhand. You can browse through them, and each of them offers meals, transfers, sightseeing, accommodations, and space to add your traveling preferences.