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Didihat in Uttarakhand

Didihat in Uttarakhand is an ideal place to enjoy peaceful nature walks and panoramic views of the majestic Himalayas. It is located in the Pithoragarh district, and its elevation is 1,725 m from the sea level. This beautiful town has rich flora and fauna and is surrounded by beautiful ridges. You can also find various forts and temples of an era gone. Moreover, this beautiful place is located on the way to the path of the Pilgrimage of Kailash Mansarovar. Therefore, it has become the halting point of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. This place has a refreshing environment, majestic views, tourist attractions, rich biodiversity, and many more. You can check out more details by looking at this complete Didihat travel.

Read the Comprehensive Didihat Tourism & Travel Guide to Plan your Trip

Places to Visit in Didihat

This small hillock region is located in the eastern corner of Uttarakhand and is dotted with some amazing tourist attractions. In addition, you can find an ancient temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Moreover, the flora and fauna of the wildlife sanctuary keep you engaged throughout your trip. And if you cover some distance, you can find some peaceful Ashram to practice meditation and absorb sacredness. You can find some picnic places in this hillock to enjoy the pristine natural beauty.

  • Ogla
  • Sirakot Ancient Temple
  • Askot Sanctuary

Things to do in Didihat

Being settled at such height, this region in Uttarakhand is ideal for enjoying the panoramic views. But there are many things to do in Didihat apart from observing the views of the majestic Himalayas. You can explore the nearby area for insightful experience about the village lifestyle. Moreover, you will have enough time to enjoy camping amidst natural beauty. Check out the below list of activities to enjoy in Didihat.

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Village Exploration
  • Photography
  • Nature walk
  • Picnic

Best Time to Visit Didihat

Didihat in Uttarakhand is known for its pleasant weather conditions. Therefore, you can visit this region at any time of the year except during the monsoon season. However, the best time to visit Didihat is April to June and September to December. Winter season in Didihat brings freezing temperatures, and summer becomes a great time to beat the heat amidst nature. But carrying a lot of woolen clothing is necessary to enjoy the winter season here.

How to Reach Didihat

Pantnagar is the closest airport to Didihat, and this airport is located approximately 228 km. After landing at the airport, you can find various transportation options, including a taxi, cab, or bus, to cover the remaining distance. Kathgodam Railway Junction is the nearest station which is around 195 km away from Didihat. And you can also hire a taxi, cab, or bus from the station. In addition, motorable roads are well connected with different parts of the state, and you can take buses from there to reach Didihat by road.

Accommodations in Didihat

You can find a rest house in Didihat run by the KMVN association. The first house offers the finest services and facilities. Didihat has few options to stay like budget hotels and rest houses. However, it is advised that you can stay at Pithoragarh as the district has good options for accommodations. In the Pithoragarh district, you will find good options for hotels and resorts that give you a comfy stay for an easy-going travel experience.

Where to Eat in Didihat

Didhat is located in the Himalayan region and offers an impressive range of foods. You can not find a fancy restaurant here, but the food is lip-smacking that can give you a feast. Some popular restaurants you can visit to treat your tummy are Bhatia G, Pizza Slice, and Mayur Family Restaurant. You can taste various cuisines here but remember to enjoy the Garhwali and Kumauni cuisines, including chains and kaapa.aloo ke gutke, and gahat.

How to get Around in Didihat

You can cover the vast distance by car and a short distance on foot. The more you travel by foot, the more you get chances to interact with local people.e However, by foot, you can explore the places slowly and enjoy this region's beauty smoothly. However, for big distances, you should consider the car.

Travel Tips

  • Didihat is a small Himalayan hamlet and has limited facilities like an ATM or petrol Pump.
  • Summer is ideal for visiting Didihat, and you should cover your body with sunscreen and carry a hat to enjoy sightseeing.
  • Remember to carry extra woolen clothes as the winter is freezing as this region is settled on such height.
  • Carrying cash in your hand is a good choice as it makes your tourism experience smooth.

This region of Uttarakhand is well known for offering majestic Himalayan views and pristine natural beauty. You can visit here to enjoy the serene atmosphere and get unique traveling experiences with Indian Holiday. So get ready to create unforgettable memories by booking your Uttarakhand Didihat tour package.