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Chorabari Glacier

Located in the district of Rudraprayag, home to some of the holiest shrines of Uttarakhand, the Chorbari Glacier is one of the most important glaciers of Uttarakhand and one of the most popular tourist attractions of Uttarakhand. Separated from the other glaciers of the Gangotri group by a range of hills and a water divide, the Chorbari Glacier, originates from the southern slope of the Kedar-dome. The glacier, one of the most important tourist attractions of Uttarakhand is a definite must-visit while on a tour to Uttarakhand.

A number of subsidiary glaciers and avalanche chutes hang over the glacier, feeding the main Chorbari Glacier. The glacier begins from its accumulation zone at around 600m above sea level and terminates at an elevation of 3800m above sea level, after which it gives birth to the River Mandakini, a river which holds immense significance in the history of Hinduism. The River Mandakini later merges into the river Alakananda, another significant river of India at Rudraprayag.

Easily approachable, a holiday in Uttarakhand is definitely incomplete without a visit to the Chorbari Glacier. A stop over for pilgrims on their way to the Kedarnath Temple, one of the most revered temples of India, the glacier is also located near a lake, formed by the melted snow of the Chorbari Glacier, which is known as the Ganghi- Sarovar.

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