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Dokriani Glacier

One of the most important glaciers of the Bhagirathi basin, the Dokriani Bamak, is a medium sized glacier, formed by two circques, the Draupadi-Ka-Danda and Jaonli peak, located around 5600 m and 6000 m respectively above the sea level. The Dokriani glacier also gives rise to a stream known as Dingad, which after meeting several other snow fed streams across its path finally merges into the River Bhagirathi near a picturesque village of the region known as Bukki.

Easily approachable from the district of Uttarkashi, the road which leads to the Dokriani Bamak is almost as picturesque as the destination itself! A definite must visit while on a tour to Uttarakhand, the Dokriani Bamak is a haven for trekkers who assemble in the region from all around the world. It also offers adequate camping facilities and can be visited in almost any of the seasons. Autumn and summer finds the Dokriani Bamak in the best of appearances and thus, if you are planning a holiday in Uttarakhand during the time, make sure you a pay a visit to the Dokriani Bamak.

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