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Hill Stations in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a part of the Greater Himalaya Ranges, covered by mighty snow-capped peaks. Dotted with long mountain ranges and glittering jewels on the world map, this state is well-known for its glorious hill stations. Uttarakhand hill stations are full of natural charm, meandering slopes, up-down pathways, and lush greenery.

The most popular hill stations in Uttarakhand are Nainital, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, Mussoorie, Almora, and several others. However, tourists can discover many unexplored hill stations in Uttarakhand to enjoy an offbeat vacation. Hill stations in Uttarakhand have all the ingredients for the thrill, peace, and romantic holiday. In addition, tourists can witness picturesque views of the Himalayas.

Thousands of tourists visit this state to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature as the clean and fresh air soothes their minds. The green surroundings of the hill stations in Uttarakhand will transport visitors to a heavenly world of their own. The hotels and restaurants at these destinations offer the best comfort and luxury. Hill stations of Uttarakhand are sure to throw various delightful options for a vacation.

Visitors can relax in the cool environs, wander through the wooded slopes, watch the mist rise above the snowy peaks, and breathe cool and refreshing air on delightful holidays. Uttarakhand hill stations promise to be an ideal getaway for those craving a refreshing yet peaceful holiday away from mundane city life.

List of the 18 best Hill Stations in Uttarakhand

Nainital Hill Station

When popular hill stations of India are discussed, Nainital pops up in one's mind. With its pear-shaped lake, Nainital is located on the Himalayas' foothills and offers a spectacular view of the green valley. The reason behind the christening of Nainital is associated with 64 shakti peethas where various body parts of Goddess Sati fell. Here, according to legends, is where the eyes (nain) of Goddess Sati.

Thus, on the banks of the lake, travelers can find the revered Naina Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Sati. Boating on this lake is a favorite tourist activity, as this enables a person to relax and hail mother nature. In addition, Nainital Zoo is a famous attraction and home to snow leopards, steppe eagles, and Himalayan black bears. Apart from this, tourists can find many tourist places such as Naini Peak, Snow view point, Tiffin Top, and Sattal.

Being an important tourist spot, there are many options for accommodation matching different budgets at this famous hill station in Uttarakhand. Along with being a tourist hot-spot, Nainital has gained popularity due to its educational institutes of European eras, such as All Saints' College, St. Joseph's College, and Sherwood College. There are various classic libraries for the bibliophiles like Durga Lal Shah Municipal Public Library and Uttarakhand Academy of Administration, Library and Documentation Center. Nainital is a place that experiences pleasant and chilly weather all around the year. So, it can be visited at any time of the year.

How to Reach Nainital in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (65 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (24 km)

Mussoorie Hill Station

Often known as the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie is a top hill station in Uttarakhand. It is just 35 km from Uttarakhand’s capital Dehradun. This popular hill station of India is situated at an altitude of 2005 meters. The availability of shrub Mansoor in large quantities here has gained this hill station the name of Mussoorie. In 1825, a shooting lodge was commissioned by a British military officer and superintendent of revenues of Dehradun here, after which Mussoorie came into the limelight.

This blend of nature’s beauty and British charm has made Mussoorie a beloved tourist attraction in India. Another reason for it being famous is the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, the training center of the Indian Police Service and Indian Administrative Service.

Mussoorie has several tourist attractions, like the Mall Road, dotted with shops, institutes, and hotels. The road extends from West to East, i.e., Cloud’s End to Rockville, overlooking a beautiful view of the Himalayas. For an even better idea of the mountains, it is ideal for enjoying the ropeway on Gun Hill, the second-highest peak of Mussoorie. Kempty Falls and Jharipani Falls are two famous Mussoorie waterfalls, also the gateway to Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Mussoorie has much to offer the opportunity to adventure enthusiasts. Tourists can enjoy popular activities at the hill station, including trekking, rock climbing, and hiking. The climate throughout the year stays pleasant, and snowfalls occur in Mussoorie between the End of December and Mid February. However, the best time to visit Mussoorie is March to June and September to November.

How to Reach Mussoorie in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Jolly Grant Airport (54 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Dehradun Railway Station (36 km)

Auli Hill Station

Auli is considered among the best skiing destinations in India. In 2011, Auli hosted the SAF Winter Games and was often compared to some of the world's best skiing resorts as its slopes are perfect for novices and experts alike. However, if you are a novice and hold a particular interest in skiing, it is recommended to enroll in the skiing courses (7 days- 14 days) conducted by GMVN.

Miles and miles of this hill station are sprinkled with meadows, and in winters, it turns into sheer white beauty. Auli is located in the Garhwal Hills of Uttarakhand, with elevations ranging between 2519 and 3050 meters. Lower and upper slopes are connected via chair-lift and ski lift.

Besides skiing, Auli is also known for its temples, like Mana Paravat, Kamat, ropeway and Nanda Devi,. The best time to visit Auli is between December and March. However, the climate stays pleasant throughout the year, and you can visit Auli anytime during the year, except during monsoons.

How to Reach Auli in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Jolly Grant Airport (279 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Hairdwar Railway Station (273 km)

Ranikhet Hill Station

A cantonment town cum a hill station, Ranikhet in Uttarakhand, is a lush green abode in the Himalayas. Blessed with an alluring topography, the hill station has been an all-season destination. Legends have it that once the queen of the Kumaon region, Padmini, visited this place. The land's beauty left such an impression on her that her husband dedicated this region to her and named it 'Ranikhet,' which means the queen's meadows.

The scenic beauty of the present-day hill station rightly justifies the story. For the city dwellers, who are usually deprived of the charm and beauty of nature, Ranikhet has natural treks that lead to beautiful peaks and valleys. One of the most prominent is the Nanda Devi trek, which passes through coniferous forests, meadows and overlooks numerous snow-covered mountains in the region.

Other excursions from Ranikhet include that to Almora, Sitalakhet, and Dwarahat. Besides being a place for adventure enthusiasts, Ranikhet is also a haven for leisure travelers. Major tourist attractions for them include Chaubatia gardens, the Army Museum, Jhula Devi Temple, Bhalu Dam, Majhkhali, and Ram Mandir.

How to Reach Ranikhet in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (119 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (80 km)

Binsar Hill Station

Binsar in Uttarakhand is every tourist's dream destination, nestled amidst the beautiful Himalayas. A few kilometers away from Nainital, Binsar is surrounded by Alpine forests and rhododendron trees. It is an idyllic place for that perfect serene mountain retreat. Once the empire of Chand kings of the 7th century, Binsar is the land of solitude and peace. It has a beautiful forest reserve and bird sanctuary which boasts of a rich variety of flora and fauna.

One of the most beautiful forest resorts amidst the Kumaon Himalayas, Binsar is the perfect destination. Along with lush acres of greenery, the traveler can also spot significant Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Trishul, Panchchuli, and Nanda Kot. Sightseers can feel that they can almost touch the snowy Himalayas as it appears so close to their eyes.

How to Reach Binsar in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (152 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (119 km)

Kausani Hill Station

Nestled in the Kumaon Himalayas, Kausani in Uttarakhand is one of the serene locales of Uttarakhand. Located at the height of 1890 meters above sea level, Kausani is surrounded by lush acres of greenery and dense woodlands. In 1929, Mahatma Gandhi spent a few days in Kausani, and to commemorate his memory, the Gandhi Ashram was built here.

Far away from the fast-paced life of the scorched plains, Kausani is the idyllic retreat for all nature lovers who wish to spend a few days in the lap of nature.

From Kausani, sightseers can see the snowy peaks of the Kumaon Himalayas and can also spot significant Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Trishul, Panchchuli, and Nanda Kot. The sunset and sunrise are important events. Tourists can watch how the rays of the setting sun paint the snowy peaks of the mighty Himalayas and forget about the material pleasures of life.

Wake up with the chirping of birds, smell the wildflowers and watch the crimson rays of the sun paint this tiny hamlet of Uttarakhand with its hues. If rustic charm and tranquil isolation are what you are looking for, plan a Kausani tour this season.

How to Reach Kausani in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (162 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (131 km)

Lansdowne Hill Station

Settled at an altitude up to 1700meters above sea level, Lansdowne hill station is a perfect retreat, away from the hustle-bustle of city life. The picturesque beauty and tranquility of the place beckon travelers from India and from abroad.

Enjoy the impeccable scenery formed by oak and blue pine forests and the majestic Himalayas. The exotic site is flocked by both leisure lovers and adventure lovers. As Lansdowne is well-connected by motorable roads, numerous bikers visit the place just for adventure. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of the setting sun. Adventure seekers may also indulge in thrilling outdoor activities such as trekking, boating, paddling, and bird-watching, apart from just strolling around. Also, the hill station offers salubrious weather all year long so that one can plan a trip to Lansdowne at any time.

Lansdowne in Uttarakhand paints a picture of remarkable history. It is majorly inhabited by people who follow different cultures and traditions. For example, the first troop of Garhwal rifles moved from Almora to Lansdowne on 5th November 1887. And as soon as the city became popular, several people gathered here to do business.

Lansdowne is named after the Viceroy of India during 1888-1894, Lord Lansdowne. Moreover, the historic buildings and churches here mark the old world charm dating back to the pre-independence era. The hill station is home to the command office of the Garhwal Rifles division of the Indian Army.

How to Reach Lansdowne in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Jolly Grant Airport (145 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kotdwar Railway Station (40 km)

Chopta Hill Station

Chopta is a peaceful hamlet mostly visited by offbeat travelers on the lap of unspoiled environs. It is perched at an elevation of 2680 meters and overlooks famous Himalayan peaks such as Chaukhamba, Trishul, and Nanda Devi. This also happens to be the starting point of the trek to Tunganath. Thick woods of rhododendrons, pine, and deodar are profusely scattered.

Chopta is an offbeat and year-round destination, but accommodation availability is not a problem here. The mornings commenced with sweet chirps and a cool breeze. It saves explorers from the scorching heat of summer in other North-Indian cities. During the monsoon, it looks even greener and more beautiful. As the rise of winter, Chopta gets carpeted with snow. However, avoid visiting Chopta during heavy snowfalls as it further leads to blockage of routes.

The best time to visit Chopta is April, June, and Oct till Dec. Tourists love to snow and experience trekking in Chopta, then January to March are the best months to visit Chopta.

How to Reach Chopta in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Jolly Grant Airport (225 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Haridwar Railway Station (230 km)

Harsil Hill Station

Harsil in Uttarakhand is the ideal destination to experience serenity and solitude amidst the lap of nature. Located 73 km from Uttarkashi, Harsil is an excellent mountain resort still unexplored. Tucked away amidst green valleys and sleepy meadows, this tiny hamlet of Uttarakhand is situated at 7,860 feet. One of the most beautiful mountain resorts amidst the Kumaon Himalayas, Harsil is the perfect destination if the visitor is looking for serenity and solitude in the lap of nature.

Wake up with the chirping of birds, smell the wildflowers and watch the crimson rays of the sun paint this tiny hamlet of Uttarakhand with its hues. The rustic smell and the serenity are what explorers are looking for this season, then plan a tour to Harsil.

How to Reach Harsil in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Jolly Grant Airport (235 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Rishikesh Railway station (218 km)

Bhowali Hill Station

Bhowali in Uttarakhand, nestled amidst the green and beautiful Himalayas, is one of the beautiful mountain resorts. A few kilometers from Nainital, Bhowali is famous for its attractive fruit market, which offers visitors a rich variety of fruits. This hill fruit mart is not just renowned for its scenic beauty. Still, it also has a Sanatorium here, built during the British period for people suffering from tuberculosis and lung problems. Bhowali, located at a distance from Nainital, is the perfect destination for an idyllic retreat amidst serenity and peace. Bhowali is situated 11 km from Nainital near Bhimtal on the Haldwani Road.

How to Reach Bhowali in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (63 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (29 km)

Lohaghat Hill Station

Situated along the banks of river Lohawati in Uttarakhand, Lohaghat is one of the most scenic destinations in the state. This hill station is filled with pine and oak forests and offers natural beauty in abundance.

The hill station of Lohaghat does not seem shocked with its scenic attractions, but it has tales of history and mythology to narrate to its visitors. Lohaghat hill station has fascinating temples, Ashrams, and historic structures that attract tourists throughout the year. Justifying the iconic image of Lohaghat are its famous tourist attractions, which include Advait Ashram, Mayawati Ashram, Mount Abbot, Banasur Fort, and Pancheshwar.

As Lohaghat resides on the banks of the Lohawati river, tourists can also visit the temple of Rikeshwar Mahadev, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This sacred temple is located just outside the town, on the banks of the pristine Himalayan river. Besides sightseeing, Lohaghat is also suitable for trekking to the high altitudes of Uttarakhand.

How to Reach Lohaghat in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (160 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Tanakpur Railway Station (87 km)

Ramgarh Hill Station

Ramgarh is one of the most serene locales in Uttarakhand, which is still unexplored and retains its rustic flavor. Far away from the fast-paced city life, spend a few days amidst the beautiful mountain resort of Ramgarh. This hill station is an idyllic retreat for tourists looking for serenity and peace in the lap of nature.

From Rabindranath Tagore to Narain Swami, all have been mesmerized by the beauty of this sleepy tiny hamlet of Uttarakhand called Ramgarh. Plan a trip to Uttarakhand to see the unspoiled beauty of Ramgarh, its dense woodlands, and lush acres of greenery etched on the backdrop of the snowy Himalayas. At night, sightseers can see the clear night sky embellished with the stars, while early in the morning, tourists get to see the famous snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

Walk through the orchards of Ramgarh and taste the flavors of the juicy Himalayan fruits, which will surely satiate gastronomic desires. Moreover, the beauty and serenity of Ramgarh will refresh the senses and rejuvenate the soul. Although not entirely popular as it should be, Ramgarh will give a unique experience of exploring a completely different place off the beaten track and away from the crowd on every tourist's itinerary.

How to Reach Ramgarh in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (86 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (52 km)

Spend a few days in the lap of nature amidst serenity and solitude and bring home the memories of a beautiful retreat.

Mukteshwar Hill Station

Settled at an altitude up to 2285 m, Mukteshwar is a perfect retreat for those who are searching for some alone time. The enchanting hill station is known for its natural beauty and tranquility. In 1893, Mukteshwar was established by British rulers as an education and research institute (IVRI).

Surrounded by fruit orchards and coniferous forests, Mukteshwar offers eye-catching 180-degree views of the Himalayas. Tourists can enjoy the rising sun and the bright rays falling on the peaks. And spot some avifauna and discover short trekking routes. Visitors can also enjoy views of notable peaks Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Trishul, Panchachuli, and Nandaghunti.

Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand is famed for its 350-year-old holy shrine of Lord Shiva, Mukteswhar Dham. The temple is not only visited to seek blessings but also to enjoy the surrounding and the scenic views of the Himalayan range. Mukteshwar Temple is infused with purity, peace, and serenity.

Locals here believe that this place was where a demon was killed by Lord Shiva and later was given a mukti. Visitors can enjoy sightseeing in Mukteshwar all year long as the weather here is pleasantly cool. Mukteshwar forms one of the major attractions in Uttarakhand; there are several luxury hotels and hotels that come within budget to choose from. Visitors can also experience camping, arranged by some hotels.

How to Reach Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (100 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (62 km)

Munsiyari Hill Station

Set at an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level, Munsiyari is a popular hill station located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. One among the list of newly discovered hill stations in India, this beautiful destination is stuck between India, China, and Nepal borders.

Munsiyari is surrounded by thick green forests, a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. These dense green Himalayan forests are home to various birds and animals like a wagtail, whistling thrush, hawk cuckoo, falcon and serpent eagle, leopard, mountain bear, and the musk deer.

The hill station offers a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Himalayan Peaks. Munsiyari is a popular base camp for mountaineers and glacier trekkers.

There are numerous places of interest near the hill station. Regular jeep safaris are conducted to areas of interest that are located nearby, like Madkote (22km), Baneanani and Jaulijibi (66 km), and Birthi Falls (31 km). Other attractions include treks to other glaciers such as Milam and Ralam, in which Munsiyari serves as a base camp.

Munsiyari has much to offer to adventure enthusiasts. Some popular activities that visitors can enjoy at the hill station include river rafting, trekking, and hiking.

How to Reach Munsiyari in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (188 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (275 km)

Bhimtal Hill Station

Named after one of the five Pandavas of Mahabharata, Bhim, Bhimtal is a beautiful town high up in Uttarakhand. Being associated with the legendary Bhim, the hill station holds a significant value. It is said that he constructed a temple in ancient times, which today is renowned as the Bhimeshwar Mahadev temple.

The present-day construction of the temple was done under the rule of King Baz Bahadur of the Chand dynasty. It is located on the banks of Bhimtal Lake, which is counted among the popular tourist attractions in the region. Besides this temple of Lord Shiva, the Bhimtal region speaks highly of other temples and lakes in the vicinity.

Owing to the abundance of lakes, boating is one of the most preferred activities at the hill station. In addition, tourists can also indulge in adventure sports activities in Uttarakhand, such as trekking, paragliding, and rappelling.

How to Reach Bhimtal in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (55 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (276 km)

Chaukori Hill Station

A hilly village in Pithoragarh district in the Uttarakhand state, Chaukori is a lesser-known tourist destination. Perched on a valley and surrounded by the high mountains of the Kumaon region, this village features nature's blissful landscapes, unpolluted and quiet. Chaukori is located at the Indo-Tibetan (in the north) and Indo-Nepal (in the south) boundaries. The scenic Greater Himalayan peaks of Nanda Kot, Panchchuli, Nanda Khat, and Nanda Devi are visible.

Chaukori is nothing like a typical hill station as there are no sightseeing spots inside the village, except for the panoramic and breathtaking Himalayan views and no marketplace. All a tourist can expect is to relax for a few days and take long walks amidst the forest of deodars, rhododendrons, spruce, oaks, and pine trees, listening to the birds' chirping, feeling the fresh air.

Aside from this, Chaukori is in the vicinity of Gangolihat, which is known for its Hindu temples. These temples have historical as well as spiritual significance. To drive to Chaukori on the hilly roads, pass through dense alpine to temperate forests. The mountainous terrain is a perfect location for trekkers, nature trailers, and skiers. The snow-covered peaks look attractive from the village during the sunrise and sunset. The Mahakali River in the east of the town is an excellent site for river rafting. Pilgrims who visit Gangolihat, 35 km from Chaukori, prefer to stop at the village for a night or two to feel rested before beginning their journey home.

How to Reach Chaukori in Uttarakhand:


  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (223 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Kathgodam Railway Station (174 km)

Pithoragarh Hill Station

Bounded by Tibet in the north and Nepal in the east, Pithoragarh is the easternmost district of Uttarakhand. The place is fondly referred to as Little Kashmir as it has been blessed with exotic natural beauty in abundance.

5 km in length and 2 km in width, Pithoragarh is a tiny valley placed at an altitude of 1650 m above sea level. The locals mainly speak Hindi, Kumaoni, and English. The Kumaon region of Uttarakhand has a town and district with the same name, Pithoragarh.

Pithoragarh is known for its historical significance and was one of the strongholds of the Chand Rajas of Kumaon during their reign. Moreover, Pithoragarh hill station is the base for the journey to the important Hindu shrine of Kailash Mansarovar. When here, treat your eyes to the picturesque views of the snow-clad mountains of Nanda Devi, Panchachuli, and Appi of Nepal from Chandak Hill.

The hill station of Pithoragarh is home to many tourist attractions. One of them is the fabulous Pithoragarh Fort erected in the 18th century by the Gurkhas. The other popular attraction is Kapileshwar Mahadev. This cave temple is placed on the town's outskirts and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Admire lovely views of Soar Valley and the adjoining Himalayan peaks. The place is also known for offering views of several hills such as Nanda Devi West, Nanda Devi East, Hardeol, Trishul, Nandakhat, Rajrambha, Bambadhura, along with the Panchachuli group. Balati, Ralam, Namik, Milam, and Meola are the important glaciers of Pithoragarh. Do not forget to get your hands on lovely souvenirs such as handicrafts, wooden items, and woolen.

Pithoragarh has been blessed with pleasant weather all around the year. So if you are looking for a peaceful, rejuvenating vacation, visit this place away from the city's stressful life. Tourists must pack light woolens in the summer months and heavy ones in winters in Pithoragarh.

How to Reach Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Pant Nagar Airport (241 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Tanakpur Railway Station (138 km)

Dhanaulti Hill Station

With an altitude of 2286 m above sea level, Dhanaulti hill station is situated on the Mussoorie-Chamba Road. Located in the Tehri district of the Uttarakhand, this hill station offers picturesque views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

Because of its loveliness and serenity, Dhanaulti is slowly becoming a popular weekend getaway from nearby destinations such as Delhi. As a result, Mussoorie has become slightly crowded, and if you are looking for some alone time, Dhanaulti is the place to be as it is still away from the rush of tourist activity. Thus it allures peace-seekers and nature lovers throughout the year.

Dhanaulti lies amidst thick oak, alpine, and rhododendron forests and is close to several popular tourist spots such as Mussoorie, Kantal, Tehri, and Chamba. Dhanaulti is calmer than other hill stations, and its scenic beauty is still untouched. It is also quite close to Dehradun.

The weather of Dhanaulti remains salubrious all around the year, and thus tourists can visit it at any time. Tourists can visit Dhanaulti during the winter months to witness the snow.

However, if they wish to explore its lush green surroundings and visit its tourist attractions, come here in the summer months. The woody slopes, pleasant climate, peaceful ambiance, and panoramic views of the snow-clad peaks are slowly alluring a decent number of tourists to Dhanaulti.

As Dhanulti is untouched by urbanization, there are no expensive restaurants or fast food joints. However, the resorts and hotels in Dhanaulti have multi-cuisine restaurants that serve sumptuous delicacies. Visitors will love lip-smacking dishes of local cuisine at the eating joints here.

When in Dhanaulti, do not forget to indulge in shopping. Tourists can buy stoles, shawls, and scarves here. All this is made from eri silk, wool, pashmina, and natural dyes here. You can also get some lovely handicraft items here.

How to Reach Dhanaulti in Uttarakhand:

  • Nearest Airport:- Jolly Grant Airport (80 km)
  • Nearest Railhead:- Dehradun Railway Station (25 km)

After knowing the charm of the hill station of Uttarakhand, the thought of exploring may be running into your mind. Let this thought meet the finish line by booking your Uttarakhand tour packages with Indian Holiday. We provide fully customizable tour packages that allow you to enjoy your holiday in your way.


FAQs about Hill Stations in Uttarakhand

Q: Which is the most beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand?

Ans. Blessed with abundant natural beauty, Uttarakhand has many beautiful hill stations you can explore. Some of the most charming hill stations in Uttarakhand are -

  • Nainital
  • Almora
  • Auli
  • Mussoorie
  • Mukteshwar
  • Chopta
  • Lansdowne
  • Ranikhet
  • Bhimtal
Q: How many hill stations are in Uttarakhand?

Ans. Uttarakhand has 46 hill stations, which include Almora, Auli, Bhimtal, Binsar, Chamba, Dhanaulti, Kanatal, Harsil, and many more.

Q: Which is the most beautiful place of Uttarakhand?

Ans. Uttarakhand has many beautiful places, like Dehradun, Ranikhet, Chopta, Joshimath, Auli, and more. However, features like lush greenery, varied flora and fauna, and winterline (a rare natural phenomenon visible from here), make Mussoorie,  the “Queen of Hills”, the most beautiful place of Uttarakhand.

Q: Which is the highest hill station in Uttarakhand?

Ans. Binsar is the highest hill station in Uttarakhand. It is located in the Kumaon region at an elevation of around 8,000 feet above sea level.