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Kosi River in Uttarakhand

Kosi River flows on the eastern edge of Jim Corbett National Park in Ramnagar of Uttarakhand. Kosi River origin depicts that it originates from  Dharapani Dhar, which is settled around 2500 m above sea level in the Baramandal region of Almora. After that, this river flows through the verdant valleys of the hill district before pinnacling in the Terai area of Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, this is a major source of drinking water for animals of Jim Corbett National Park. Thick green forests surround the Kosi River and glorify its beauty. In addition, wild animals come to the riverside to drink water, making an adventure ambiance.

This river also has a mythology connection, making it an ideal destination to visit while enjoying Ramanagar. This river's calm and pristine water allows you to dip your legs in the water and bask in the sun. You can stroll around the river and spot migratory birds coming here yearly. From having picnic time to clicking beautiful pictures from the riverside, there is more to enjoy. However, if you want adventure, you can enjoy river crossing and bridge fall activities at Kosi River. In short, you will have a good and relaxing time amidst nature and greenery.

Mythology Connection and Cultural Significance of Kosi River

Kosi River was mentioned in Rigveda as Kausika, and it is a major tributary of the Ganges. Moreover, this river was also mentioned as Kaushiki in the epic Mahabharata. It is believed that the name of this river is after the sage Visvamitra who has attained the status of Rishi on the bank of this river. Therefore, Kosi has great significance from the point of view of spirituality.

Tourist Places to Visit Near Kosi River

Kosi River in Ramnagar is one of the most admirable tourist attractions amongst travelers. In addition, it is also surrounded by various tourist attractions, including a waterfall, picnic places, a museum, a temple, and many more. One of the most visited wildlife holiday destinations, Jim Corbett, is also there, which is already a well-known tourist place. Here is a list of famous places you should visit while enjoying your vacation in this region.

  • Corbett Museum
  • Dhikala
  • Jhirna
  • Garjiya Temple
  • Corbett Falls
  • Jim Corbett National Park

How to reach the Kosi River

Dehradun Airport is the closest airport that is located around 145 km from the river. You can land at the airport and get several transport modes to reach the Kosi River. You can get a Uttarakhand bus service to reach there from the airport. Dehradun Railway station is also an ideal choice for reaching the Kosi River by train, and the junction is around 214 km from this river. And if you are planning to visit Kosi River by road, you can take interstate buses, cabs, or taxis to reach there from nearby towns.

Best Time to Visit Kosi River

You can visit the Kosi River any time of the year, offering a different experience in each season. Winter is the ideal time to visit this river as the climate condition is pleasurable and the surroundings become more beautiful. Summer is another good season to visit the Kosi River as the temperature will not bother you to enjoy a vacation here. In the monsoon season, the river completely changes its form, and you can see that full thunder gushes through the rocky terrain. Therefore, it is advised not to dip in the water as it could be dangerous for you. But the river's view is delightful and can captivate you with just one glance.

Activities to Enjoy at Kosi River

Kosi River's unique charm gives you multiple dimensions to enjoy a vacation here. From enjoying the natural beauty to getting thrilled, this river has something for everyone. If you consider yourself an adventure seeker, you can enjoy some enthralling activities here. White Water River Rafting and Angling are two activities you can enjoy at Kosi river.


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