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Masar Tal in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is famous for its valley of flowers, green meadows and spectacular lakes. Masar Tal in Uttarakhand is one such beautiful lake in Uttarakhand, located at a high altitude.

Located on the eastern side of the snowy Khatling glacier, the Masar Tal of Uttarakhand allures a number of trekkers and nature lovers. A few kilometers from Kalyani, the journey to Masar Tal is equally exciting and wonderful.

Walk amidst the green meadows, meandering mule tracks and cross the rippling rivers to reach Masar Tal, which is the source of the Bhilanga River in Uttarakhand. One of the famous trekking spots in Uttarakhand, it allures the trekkers from all over the world.

The crystal blue lake reflects the snowy Himalayas and the surrounding greenery around the lake, in its placid waters. Spend your idle moments in the lap of nature during your trip to the blue Masar Tal, amidst the greenery all around. Far away from the crowded plains, Masar Tal is a paradise and an idyllic serene retreat.

Best Season to Visit Masar Tal:

June to October

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