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Nanda Devi Trek

Nanda Devi East Base Camp is one of the best ways to adore the scenic sister peaks namely Nanad Devi and Nanda Devi East. The Nanda Devi Trek is full of natural splendors offering every trekker a lifetime experience. The difficulty level of this trek ranges from medium to difficult. It starts from Munsiyari (7513 ft.) and ends at Bugdiyar.

Nanda Devi Trek has not only attracted trekkers, but also mountaineers, writers and other travelers. The snow-covered peaks, serene rivers and impressive greenery define the true form of this trek trial. Pleasant weather further add to its appeal. Trekkers get to explore new trekking routes and enjoy camping in the lush forests. The trek is perfect for adventure lovers as they get to enjoy everything adventurous and thrilling.

Nanda Devi Trek Information

  • Nanda Devi Duration – 12 days / 11 nights
  • Altitude – 7817 m
  • Level – Medium - Difficult
  • Season - June and August - September
  • Rail Head - Kathgodam & Tanakpur is the nearest rail head to Munsiyari- the base camp
  • Road Head – Scheduled buses are available from Delhi, Almora, Haldwani and Tanakpur.

Nanda Devi Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Munsiyari (7513 ft.) - Lilam (6069 ft.)

On your arrival at Munsiyari, meet our trek tour guide and start your trek from Munsiyari (7513 ft.) to Lilam (6069 ft.). Stay overnight at Lilam.

Day 2Lilam (6069 ft.) - Bugdiyar (8200 ft.)

On day 2, from Lilam (6069 ft.) you trek to Bugdiyar (8200 ft.). Night stay is scheduled at Bugdiyar. 

Day 3: Bugdiyar (8200 ft.) - Martoli (11250 ft.) via Rilkot

Today, continue your trek from Bugdiyar (8200 ft.) to Martoli (11250 ft.) via Rilkot. Overnight at Rilkot.

Day 4:  Rest day and explore Martoli

4th day is set out to explore Martoli. Home stay at Martoli.

Day 5: Martoli (11250 ft.) - Patta (11975 ft.)

From Martoli, indulge in a trek to Patta (11975 ft.). Overnight at Patta.

Day 6: Patta (11975 ft.) - Bittalgwaar (14107 ft.) - Nanda Devi Base Camp via Narspanpati

On the 6th day of your Nanda Devi Trek tour, you trek from Patta (11975 ft.) to Bittalgwaar (14107 ft.). As soon as you reach Bittalgwaar, again start your trek to Nanda Devi base camp via Narspanpati. Enjoy at the base camp, adore the vast expanse of the place and mighty attractive sister peaks namely Nanad Devi and Nanda Devi East and stay overnight in the camp.

Day 7: Nanda Devi Base Camp – Narspanpanti

Start your return trek from Nanda Dev Base Camp to Narspanpanti. Night stay at Narspanpanti. 

Day 8: Narspanpatti - Martoli

On day 9, from Narspanpati you trek to Martoli. Home stay at Martoli.

Day 9:  Rest at Martoli

Today, you can relax and rest at Martoli. Overnight at Martoli.

Day 10: Martoli - Bughdiyar

On the 11th day, trek back from Martoli to Bugdiyar. Stay overnight at Bugdiyar.

Day 11: Bughdiyar - Munsiyari via Lilam

On the 12th and last day of your Nanda Devi Trek tour, continue return-trek from Bugdiyar to Munsiyari via Lilam for your onward journey.