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EME Temple in Vadodara

Vadodara was once the capital of the Gaekwads and they named the city Baroda, which is also used at times. Vadodara is the prime industrial city of Gujarat and at the same time a growing place of tourist interest for the tourists from the various places of India and also abroad. There are several palaces, museums and parks that are reminiscent of the rich culture and heritage of the city. Besides all these things Vadodara is also celebrated for its religious attractions and the most notable among the holy places in Vadodara is the EME Temple in Vadodara.

This temple is also known as the Dakshinamurthy Temple and it is a lovely shrine.

History of EME Temple, Vadodara:

The history of this temple takes us into the mythological times. The EME Temple in Vadodara is dedicated to the Lord Dakshinamurthy who is one of the reincarnations of Lord Shiva.

Description of EME Temple, Vadodara:

This fascinating temple attracts a large number of tourists from the different parts of India by its splendid architecture and concept. This excellent geodesic structure is enveloped with the aluminum sheets. It is one of its kind in the whole of India and is unique in its appeal.

The temple houses an idol of Lord Dakshinamurth also known as "Jagadguru." The idol faces the south and is believed to impart his teachings to the world, facing that direction. A large number of tourists and devotees flock into this temple to pay the offering and also to catch a glimpse of this lovely piece of architecture. The first time visitors of this temple are sure to get awe-struck by the beauty and appeal of this temple.

One will also come across a large number of marvelous idols that were unearthed in the archaeological excavations that were undertaken in the adjacent areas and some of them are said to be as old as the 6th century. The excellently arranged idols along the pathway accentuate the beauty of the ambience. Another salient trait of this temple is its architecture.

The five main religions in India are represented by different symbols in the structure. The 'kalash' on the top of the dome symbolizes Hinduism, the 'dome' stands for Islam, Christianity is represented by the 'tower,' the golden-structure above the tower rerpresents Buddhism and the entrance of the temple stands for Jainism.

If you visit the temple with your family, there is also as playground for children where they can play. The temple is maintained by the army authorities. One can easily access this temple as it lies very close to the Vadodara Junction Railway Station.

Timing : 9:30 am–5 pm


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