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Museums in Vadodara

Vadodara is reckoned among the top industrial cities in Gujarat. This has not come in the way of the city's retention of its past glory. Vadodara primarily remains untouched by the modern developments. Ruled by the Gaekwad Family in yester years, this city of Baroda or Vadodara boasts of the legacy of the royal family. Its large well laid out parks and gardens, baronial palaces like Laxmi Vilas and the Pratap Palace and rich museums cherish the traces of the royal past. Today tourists in huge number flock to this culturally, educationally, industrially and commercially rich center of the city to enjoy their vacations to the maximum level. Of all the different types of the tourist attractions in Vadodara, museums in Vadodara however interest tourists much.

On tour to Vadodara you will come across very beautiful and rich Vadodara museums. These museums are the essential link between the past and the present of the city. These are the sites where traces of the Baroda historical background can be seen in the form of the objects and artifacts.

Undoubtedly, there are a good number of gorgeous museums in Vadodara. All the museums feature distinct characteristics. However the common element between the different museums is that they house some of the most exotic and priceless items from the past and also boast of an eclectic mix of the items from India and across the world of which China, Japan and Egypt deserve special mention.

Of the various Vadodara museums Baroda museum and art gallery and the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum pull huge crowd. In these museums you will come across a commendable collection of works by Indian artists and European Masters. You will also get to see interesting and very rare collection on Art and Archaeology, Natural History, Geology and Ethnology.

The best part of the museums in Vadodara is that you can savor the most refined works of the old European Masters like Veronese, Giordano, Zurbaran, some Flemish and Dutch School paintings, Turner and Constable. Besides, the sight of the collection of Mughal miniatures and invaluable palm-leaf manuscripts of Buddhist and Jain origin also has an intriguing impact.

So on vacations in Vadodara you must visit the exquisite and rich museums in Vadodara. The museums will not only soothe your eyes and quench the thirst for refined art forms but also enrich and enhance your knowledge about the city.


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