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Tourist Attractions in Vrindavan

Vrindavan is positioned 10 kms from Mathura and is closely linked with Lord Krishna's childhood exploits. Like Mathura, the name of Vrindavan also features high in the list of pilgrimage sites. The various Tourist Attractions in Vrindavan play a huge role in bringing a lot of people to this land round the year.

Holy Places in Vrindavan attracts many travelers from every nook and corner of the world and is counted amongst the foremost Vrindavan Tourist Attractions. The city of Vrindavan plays home to about 4,000 temples. The major temples are Rangaji temple, Govind Dev Temple, Bankey Bihari temple, Madan Mohan temple, Radha Ballabh temple, Nidhi Van temple and the Pagal Baba temple.

On your Tour to Vrindavan, don't miss to visit the Vrindavan Forest. This forest is believed to be one of the largest forests in the country. It extends from the present city of Vrindavan to Varsana and Nandagram on one side while the other side has Govardhana on its fringes. Vrindavan Forest is the Braja Mandala's 12th forest and is taken to be the most auspicious one. This forest is spread across 57 kms. Within this forest, you can see the Radha Kunda. This forest is believed to be the favorite forest of Lord Krishna. According to legends, Lord Krishna performed the rasa dance in this forest along with the beautiful damsels of Vraja.

During your Vrindavan Tours, set a date with the beautiful Gardens in Vrindavan which is worth visiting. Another integral part of your tour itinerary should be the Monuments in Vrindavan. Some of these monuments in Vrindavan have interesting legends attached to them and are a big draw not only for the pilgrims but for the general travelers as well.

So, rush to book yourself for a tour to these Tourist Attractions in Vrindavan so that you are able to see the various things that this city has to offer.


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