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Holy Places in Vrindavan

The city of Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh earns its claim to fame for being the domain of Lord Sri Krishna. Located 90 miles from Delhi in Mathura district it is one of the most important Hindu pilgrim points. This idyllic city on the banks of River Yamuna is known for its many temples dedicated to Lord Krishna who spent a considerable time of his youth here with his gopis and beloved Radha.The many temples in Vrindavan are seen at their best during Janmashthami, Holi and Radhasthimi. While in Vrindavan you can avail the different Dharamshalas and guest houses that offer you good accommodation at a reasonable rate. The guest house of ISCKON is a good bet. Take a leisurely stroll through the Holy Places in Vrindavan to understand the true essence of this small town.

Most of the temples in Vrindavan are dedicated to Lord Krishna. Some of the temples here are imposing structures having a long history behind it while others are small and non descript. These Holy Places in Vrindavan are fine examples of North Indian Temple architecture. Generally they consist of a hall and a garba griha or inner sanctuary where the idol is placed. A flight of stairs leads to the temple. The shikhara of these temples is an outstanding features and distinguishes North Indian temples from that of South Indian temples. They resemble an upturned cone.

Most of these Holy Places in Vrindavan are located in the hub of the city and close to the many bathing ghats. Devotees throng these temples during Janmashthami and Holi. The temples are decorated with garlands and in some of the temples food is given out to the beggars. Most of these Holy Places in Vrindavan were constructed after A..D 1000 but a few of them are much recent developments.


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