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Radha Vallabha Temple, Vrindavan

Situated very close to the Banke Bihari Temple at Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, Radha Vallabha Temple, Vrindavan is a great place to visit not only for those who are spiritually inclined but also for the common travelers. Dedicated to the Radha Vallabha sect, the temple is one of the most coveted religious places in Vrindavan. It bedecks itself with lights and colors during festive occasions. For the Radha Vallabha sect, a visit to this place is an experience of a lifetime.

History of the Radha Vallabha Temple, Vrindavan :

Hit Harivamsa Goswami, the favorite follower of Gopala Bhatta Goswami is credited with the construction of this beautiful temple which is now counted amongst the foremost Tourist Attractions in Vrindavan.

Description of the Radha Vallabha Temple, Vrindavan :

There is no deity of Radha Rani in this temple. The temple tower is itself worshipped as Radha Rani, the beloved of Sri Krishna. Here all the offerings are at first made to Radha and then to Krishna. Starting from costumes to ornaments, the Goddess Radha gets numerous offering throughout the year. There is no idol in this temple only the crown of Radha serves as the shrine. People of all caste, creed and religion come here in order to pay their highest tribute to the love-lorn souls, Radha-Krishna.

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