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Neelimala View Point in Wayanad

Settled in the picturesque Wayanad region of Kerala, Neelimala is a significant tourist attraction for nature wanderers and adventure seekers. The scenic vicinity of Neelimala offers numerous scintillating trails that go through coffee plantations, virgin forests, and acres of flowery land.

On reaching the top is the viewpoint, which offers a spectacular view of the lush green downward slopes of the Western Ghats. Encapsulated within the arms of nature is the milky stretch of the Meenmutti waterfall. Unfortunately, the waterfall occasionally gets overshadowed by a thick covering of mist, which adds to its milky contrast and instills a feeling of being solitary in the mountains for the tourists.

Neelimala, adjacent to Vaduvanchal, serves as a famous trekking and camping site.

Best time for trekking: January to May and September to December

Visit duration: 3 to 4 hours

Nearest airport: Calicut International airport (95 km away from Vaduvanchal)

Nearest railway station: Kozhikode (80 km away from Vaduvanchal)

Nearby places to see: Vayittiri (3.5 km), Chain tree (5.9 km), Chembra Peak (9.4 km)

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