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Tourist Attractions in Zainabad

Positioned at the dry salty plains in the Little Rann of Kutch, the pretty little town of Zainabad is placed into the western edge of India. It is a swampy area with saltpans and short thorny bushes marked by rustic settlements.

Tourist Attractions in Zainabad :

The Tourist Attractions in Zainabad are innumerable and the beauty and charm of Zainabad promises great enjoyment for all kinds of tourists.

Wild Lives in the Little Run of Kutch : The chestnut brown and white Wild Asses are one of the main tourist attractions in Zainabad. These asses are found nowhere else in the world but only in Little Run of Kutch, which is one of the largest sanctuaries in India. Many other wild lives like: Nilgai (Blue Bull), Chinkara, Black Buck, Jungle and Desert Cats can also be found. Different kinds of migratory birds are definitely bird watchers' delight.

Modhera :- Modhera is a short excursion from Zainabad and is 50 kms away. The 11th century Sun temple in Modhera constitutes of 108 smaller shrines. Elaborate stone carvings are there on the outer walls of the temple.

Patan :- The historic city lies at a distance of 70 kms from Zainabad. The archaeological site houses Rani Ki Vav, a well and Sahastralinga Talav, an artificial tank that were built between 8-14 centuries.

Bhuj :- Once ruled by the Jadeja dynasty, the city is the home to many historic monuments.

Mandvi :- The gorgeous beaches of Mandvi are situated along the coast of the Gulf of Kutch. Previously it was an important port and naval base of the Kutch royal family. This is also one of the tourist attractions in Zainabad, Gujarat.

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