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Bandipur National Park Tour


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This carefully crafted Bandipur National Park Safari Package from Indian Holiday lets you discover the wilderness at its best. It is a 3 days tour with a jungle safari and village tour, enriching your overall travel experience. While exploring Bandipur National Park, you can enjoy photography and birdwatching and get a better insight into Jungle and village life. You will explore the deep region of the Jungle with a jeep and create memories that will last forever. Moreover, the Bandipur safari price is included in this tour. In Addition, the meals, transfers, and accommodations are also covered. You can check out the details below for more information about this trip.

Note: This is a suggested itinerary that indicates what is possible during your 3-day Bandipur tour package. You can customize it from start to end as per your travel preferences.

Trip Highlights
  •      Explore the wildlife at Bandipur National Park
  •      Visit the nearby village of Bandipur
Itinerary Details
Day 01: Bandipur (Arrival)

This fantastic tour begins when you arrive at Tusker Trail Resort. After you arrive, you will meet our tour representative, who will assist you in completing your check-in process. You will then get some rest in your assisted room. Later, you will explore the Bandipur National Park with a jeep safari.

Day 02:  Bandipur National Park(sightseeing)

Wake up early and prepare for the elephant joy ride or Jeep ride. Morning is considered a good time for observing birds and tracking tigers. While enjoying this safari, you will have good chances to spot various wildlife and get perfect shots with your cameras. After that, you will return to your resort to enjoy breakfast and lunch. Take some rest and move toward the village. Here, you will take a stroll to learn about village life. Moreover, the evening is also dedicated to exploring the Bandipur National Park. After that, you will have lunch and a restful overnight stay at your resort.

Day 03: Bandipur (Departure)

This is the last day of your jungle tour in Bandipur National Park. Have your breakfast and step out to explore the Bandipur wilderness once again. Afterward, you will return to your resort, pack your bag, check-out from the alternatives, and depart for your onward journey.


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FAQs about Bandipur National Park Tour

Q: What attractions are covered in the 3 Days Bandipur National Park Tour Itinerary?

Ans: This itinerary will allow you to explore the depths of the jungle and visit a village near the jungle.

Q: What are the top things to do during the 3 Days Bandipur National Park Tour Itinerary?

Ans: This tour is dedicated to a jungle safari and village tour, which is the best thing to do while enjoying this wildlife trip. Birdwatching, interacting with locals, and shopping are some additional activities that you can enjoy on this tour.

Q: Is Bandipur National Park Tour customizable?

Ans: Yes, this tour is fully customizable, and you have the freedom to create your itinerary according to your traveling preferences.

Q: How can I book a Bandipur National Park Tour with Indian Holiday?

Ans: You can easily book this 3-day Bandipur tour by contacting us through the query form, mail, or call. Our tour experts will help you customize your trip.

Q: How many days are enough for Bandipur National Park?

Ans: Three to four days are enough to enjoy Bandipur National Park. However, if you want to visit the nearby tourist attractions, you can check out our BBandipur Safari packages.

Q: Which month is best for Bandipur National Park?

Ans: The climate is best for wildlife exploration between October and March. Choosing a specific month as the best for Bandipur National Park is challenging.