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State: Himachal Pradesh

Known For: Hill Station and Adventurous Sports

Narkanda is a picturesque town in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. At an elevation of 2708 meters above sea level, Narkanda is accessible through the Hindustan Tibet Road or the NH 22. Get a Free Quote »

You can hire a cab from Shimla that lies at a distance of around 65 km from Narkanda. This place in Himachal Pradesh is mainly a retreat for adventure sports lovers as there are many opportunities for trekking, rock climbing and skiing during winter. It is also an important weekend getaway for couples from New Delhi and Shimla. The best time to visit is from October to March. Bordered by the Shivalik Hills, Narkanda offers stunning views. Indian Holiday offers information on Narkanda and the places to visit from here.

Places to see in Narkanda

Check out the various places to visit in Narkanda:

Hattu Peak - Hattu Peak is the highest point of the Narkanda region situated at a distance of 5 km. It has an elevation of 3136 meters above sea level and offers the best views of the Shivalik range, surrounding forests and the Himalayas. The surrounding areas have also emerged as popular picnic spots.

Hattu Mata Temple - The ancient shrine dedicated to Hatto Mata is situated atop the Hattu Peak. It is of significance to both locals and tourists.

Thanedhar - Large expanse of magnificent apple orchards make Thanedhar an interesting place of visit in Narkanda. Apart from scenic views, you can engage in photography on a sunny day. Other attractions in Thanedhar are Tanijjabar Lake and the St Mary's Church constructed in 1872. Both pilgrims and tourists also visit the stone temple of Parsmyyotir that reflects the Pahari style of architecture.

Stokes Farm - The place is named after its founder Satyananda Stokes, who played an important role in boosting the economy of Himachal Pradesh by producing orchards of 'Shimla Apple', known for its unique taste. Later, several farms started producing this variety of apples and the farms are called 'Stokes Farm'.

Excursion from Narkanda

Few important places of interest around Narkanda are just few kilometers drive from the hill town includes:

Kotgarh - Popularly referred to as the 'land of apples' because of its apple orchards, Kotgarh falls on the Hindustan-Tibet Road and is a drive of around 16 km from the town of Narkanda. Apples from the Kotgarh orchards are the best buys.

Tannu Jubbar Lake - This scenic lake falls on the way to Kotgarh and there is a Nag Devi temple on its banks.

Rampur - This was the erstwhile capital of Bushair, a princely state and a major center for trade. The Bhimkali Temple in the village of Sarahan is the prime attraction