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India Travel Guide

Painted with the colors of diversity, India is the dynamic motherland which rules South Asia. We all know what a typical vacation in India would be like, but sometimes it’s better to leave the obvious and enjoy. The moment you pick the idea of dipping yourself in culture and traditions is exactly when you have actually understood India. To experience the unexplored and have a wonderful time, browse through our India Travel Guide.

The country at its best has its every corner blessed with tourist attractions you would love to visit. Whether you have that home-like feel in the mountains, where the refreshing aura of lush greenery and snowcapped tops have an endless affair. Or let’s just say sitting in a temple, where chants of the Lord get sweeter with every note. Or your imagination takes you straight to the beaches where sand and good vibes shake hands. If you find yourself fitting in any of them, or maybe your heart beats for architecture, when you visit India, you will have it all covered.

If we come to think of all the possible places one can explore here, the list could get longer than you think. As for the best time to visit India, winters somehow win the spot every time. What’s interesting to know is that every destination dotted here is spiced up with different languages, lifestyle, and festivals. Even if you pick one destination from one corner, be it Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Goa or Kerala, you are in for a surprise. The wildlife and adventures of one lead you to the architecture of the other. And this circle keeps looping till you don’t experience the limitless deserts, marvelous heritage, calming beaches, the serenity of nature and charm of sacred sites and rituals.

Just when you think you have completed your India tour, the lip-smacking cuisines steps in. The homegrown herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits along with unconditional love put in cooking, turns every dish into magic. What gets served to you, highly depends on which part you are in. Besides, just so you don’t forget what a memorable time you had on a tour in India, we have handicrafts.

There is so much about this country that creates a magnetic-push and pulls for a myriad of tourist every day. And we, through this India Travel Guide, are aiming at providing a glimpse of what India holds for the travelers like you.

Top Things To Do In India

From gigantic Himalayas to the babbling backwaters of Kerala, India holds golden deserts, serene beaches, inspiring cultures and a lot more; all of which combine to make India a dream destination. Have a look at several options of things to do in India...

Explore Attractions By Destination

India is truly incredible due to its topographical and geological variations. Name your travel interest and India has ideal destinations to meet your every travel requirement.

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UNESCO Sites in India

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Pay tribute to the rich legacy of wonderful architecture, artistic excellence, monumental arts, biological diversity, ecosystems, etc.

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UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Acquaint yourself with the rich cultural practices, expression, traditions and legacy that is passed down through generations.

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Best Time To Visit India

India experiences different climatic conditions in different regions. The country attracts a large number of tourists all year round. During the winter months when people enjoy snow-adventures in the snow-clad regions of North India (Himalayas), the beaches of south India allure water-sports enthusiast. There are some regions that receive heavy rainfall thought the year (Meghalaya) and there are some regions that are moderate all year round (Goa).

Getting Around India

India is well-connected to different parts of the globe, through different international airports. As a matter of fact, Indian Rail Network is amongst the largest rail networks of the world. This criss-crossing railway lines are evenly spread, making different corners of India well-connected to the rest of the country. National Highways of India are well-maintained and link different far-flung regions in the country.


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