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Entertainment in Udaipur

Located in the western and the royal state of Rajasthan, Udaipur is one of the legendary states that offer a plethora of options in entertainment. The city is known for its comforting atmosphere, picturesque lakes, beautiful gardens and gleaming palaces that makes the stay in the city a wonderful experience. The tourists always get a bundle of entertainment options in the city making the stay a memorable one. Entertainment in Udaipur is often the reason that has attracted tourists from all across the globe along with the luxury that prevails on the usual life.

Udaipur is also famed for its stylish paintings and the delicate handicrafts that reflect the legacy of craftsmanship of the state. The famed paintings of the place are mostly found on the walls of the expansive palaces that are the real attractions of the city. Most of the palaces of Udaipur narrate some specific stories on the 'Rana' or the 'Maharana' who were the proud rulers of Rajasthan. Most of these palaces have been turned into palace hotels and luxury hotels. Udaipur entertainment is vested in every inch of the place. Entertainment in Udaipur has played a vital role in the upsurge of Tours to Udaipur.

Another very popular version of entertainment in Udaipur are the Puppet Shows in Udaipur, which has even claimed international fame. The puppet show in Udaipur is a part and parcel of culture of the city. A glimpse of the puppet show in Udaipur will allow the tourists to enjoy one of the best aspects of creativity and entertainment of the city of Udaipur. The puppets in Udaipur are colorfully dressed and are always the center of attraction with the sparkling jewelry and innocent faces making the shows a grand success. The puppet shows are run usually by the natives of the city and are based on various themes conveying some or the other social messages. This in fact is one of the strongest medium of communication among the local population of Rajasthan. The stories usually narrated during these shows are either based on the epics or an adaptation of some eminent writer's work.

The city of Udaipur is also known for its numerous lakes that dot the city. Udaipur is fondly known as the 'Venice of the East' or 'City of Lakes' because of these beautiful lakes. These lakes are the chief source of entertainment for the tourists as they can enjoy the best of the times along the water bodies. The famed lakes of Udaipur are:

Other than the grandeur of the lakes, Udaipur offers the visitors the comfort of the shopping centers, movie halls, art and crafts village, luxurious hotels. The Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary situated within a close proximity to the Monsoon Palace can be another option for a great time in the city.

Sunset View Terrace, Udaipur

Enjoy the grandeur of the famous Shiv Niwas palace in Udaipur with its entire splendor. The palace is known for its facilities and the services among the connoisseurs. The palace hotel is among the best heritage hotels in the state and it offers the magnificence of the beautiful Lake Pichola in its background. The palace hotel offers the grandeur of the royalty of Udaipur with its impressive palace filled with the best of the facilities that matches the best on the world. The hotel also embraces the facility of the famed restaurant of Sunset View Terrace, Udaipur; one of the most renowned restaurant of the city that serves the best of the food featuring the fares that are hand picked and cooked with utmost care from all over the world. The Sunset View Terrace is one of the renowned places in the city as a place for ultimate entertainment with food and an ambience that is perfected to make things enjoyable.

The palace hotel lies in Udaipur as an oasis with a garden that sprawls over the palace offering a superb view to the guests staying at the palace hotel. The garden at the hotel is decorated with the beautiful palm trees and other decorative plants accentuating the beauty of the place. The contemporary hotel also offers the facilities that bring in the comfort of the highest level. The ambience of the hotel is truly marvelous. The dining experience at the Sunset View Terrace offers the guests the facility of enjoying the panoramic view of the beautiful garden that punctuates the beauty of the place. The guest lists which are usually filled up by the elites get to add up the charm of the beauty of the place along with the taste of the food.

The dining experience at the Sunset View Terrace, Udaipur is one aspect that has helped in the addition of the popularity of Tours to Udaipur. The dining facilities also add up the excitement of Entertainment in Udaipur in India which has allured tourists from all over the places. The grandeur of the dining experience at the Sunset View Terrace, Udaipur is accentuated with the Lake Pichola that stands as a personal background for the guests along with the island palaces of Jagmandir and Jagniwas. The sight of the landmarks from the grand restaurant makes up for an unforgettable experience for the guests.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 50 to 70 guests for sit down functions and up to 200 guests for the buffet style dining. The place is perfect for a quite family function or a small get together where food and drinks served will be of the supreme quality.

Panera Bar in Udaipur

Enjoy a stay that is best described as luxurious with the Shiv Niwas Palace in Udaipur. The palace hotel offers unmatched luxury to the visitors with its unparallel facilities and the grandeur that makes it a popular entity among the tourists. The palace hotel was originally Maharana Fateh Singhji's residence and was loaded with the best of luxuries.

The palace hotel offers the luxury of the best of rooms that are epitome of luxury with the glitterati of the golden age still carefully restored. The palace is now preserved as a Grand Heritage Palace which has been kept with its original pristine glory with the elegant suites for a truly luxurious time along with the private terraces for the magnificent view of the southern end of the Palace complex.

Another glittering marvel in the throne of the palace hotel is the Paanera Bar, Udaipur which adorns the best of the evenings in the palace hotel with the glittering chandeliers and the intoxication of the liquors that are exclusive to the Paanera Bar. The Paanera Bar, Udaipur is one of the chief venues to get enthralled by the Entertainment in Udaipur in India with the exotic drinks and the ambience that is nowhere to find in the city.

The bar is an exclusive place for the travelers as they get to enjoy a selection of exquisite Indian and foreign liquor making the evenings a memorable one. Moreover the guests get to enjoy the exclusive sight of the lake and the mountains that surrounds the palace. The bar is usually visited by the elites who prefer enjoying the luxury of life along with the facilities that are simply unmatchable.

The grandeur of the heritage hotel is finely reflected in the Paanera Bar, Udaipur as well with its great decoration and the services that match the best in the world. The services and the luxury of the bar can also be accessed by the guests residing at the Fateh Prakash Palace. The guest cherish every moment spent in the palace hotel to a great extent for the services offered by the Paanera Bar, Udaipur.

The bar offers a choice of the best of the Indian liquor. Moreover, the bar also preserves a stock of an array of foreign liquors as well. The place is regarded as one of the most happening places in Udaipur to enjoy a night out which is full of glitz, glamour and galore. The guests are bound to return back with the fond memories of exotic drinks, great ambience and affluent services.

The best way to reach the bar is to travel to the city palace Udaipur which is probably one of the most common landmarks of the city. The city is easily accessible from the various parts of the state through railways, roadways and airways as well.    

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