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Udupi Travel Guide

  • Beach in Udupi, Karnataka
Udupi At a Glance
  • Average Climate:14°C - 39°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:0820


Udupi is an important pilgrimage spot in Karnataka. A Tour To Udupi Karnataka is quite popular among the Hidnu pilgrims of South India. Udupi is 381 km from Bangalore and 60 km from Mangalore and is famous for the 12th century saint Madhava who was born here and later built 8 sanyasi mutts in this place and made his birth place a pilgrim site.

Udupi is also known as Shiva belli or Shivali. According to a legend, sage Parasurama crowned his disciple Ramabhoja as the king at this place, to recover the land from the sea. In return to this favor, Ramabhoja formed a silver Peetham (place of worship) with a snake curved on it and established Parasurama there as Linga Swarupam and started worshipping him as Ananteswara. This temple is now one of the most important tourist attractions in Udupi.

The most attractive and also religiously significant part of this temple is a small window which is called Kanakana Kindi'. It is believed that Krishna became visible before his devotee Kanakadasa, a saint minstrel of low cast there. In Udupi there is a Balakrishna temple which has an image of Krishna. There is a myth related to this temple. It is believed that architect of swarga, Viswakarma built this temple.

The Parya festival at Udupi is a colorful festival and brings number of tourists and devotees from all over the country. This festival is held once in two years. Makara Sankranti is the other most important festival of Udupi. During this festival the image of Krishna, Chandamouleeswara and Ananteswara are taken out of the temple and carried by the devotees in a procession. Krishna Janmashtami is another festival of Udupi. Tour To Udupi In India is thus quite commonly undertaken during the festival months.

Udupi Tours are undertaken by a large number of tourists and pilgrims who come to Udupi through out the year. This huge tourist inflow has resulted in the set up of a large number of hotels and other forms of accommodation. Accommodation facilities in Udupi are now easily available all over the place.

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