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Banarasi Silk

Uttar Pradesh is one state which has a long line of Heritage and tradition associated with it. It was the reigning seat of many a monarch and the chronological history of the state shows how each of them has contributed in making its culture rich and worthwhile. The rich Crafts of Uttar Pradesh was an outcome of the patronizing monarchs who were strong supporters of art and craft. Benaras and Lucknow are famous for its Zari works and hand woven items. Again Sitapur and Etawah are famous for metal wares. The carpets of Mirzapur are also worth considering. Benaras in Uttar Pradesh earns much of its claim to fame for being the origin of the Banarasi Silk that is famous all over India.

Benaras is famous for its brocade saris. Banarasi Silk is a variety of brocade silk and is one of the finest products of the state. The specialty of the sari is the way the brocade silk is hand knitted with zari thread. The whole process is painstaking, meticulous and ingeniously done. The end product is regal, fit to be worn on royal occasions and parties. However there is nothing jarring about Banarasi Silk saris. There is a perfect balance in coloration, pattern and material.

A more specialized product of Banarasi Silk is Banarasi Jamdani. Some of the traditional motifs of Jamdani silk and Banarasi silk includes Chameli, panna hazar (Thousand emeralds) genda buti (marigold flower) etc. Technically speaking Banarasi Silk came into being during the Mughal era. There are many varieties in Banarasi Silk saris like pure silk (katan), organza with zari work etc. The patterns interwoven in the sarees are generally of villages, gardens, clouds, fairs, flowers, temples etc. Nowadays the latest trend is that to weave abstract pattern in the sarees and mix and match benarasi with cotton , brocade or leather patchworks.

Banarasi Silk weaving is an art that has been perfected over the centuries by the skilled craftsmen of Uttar Pradesh. Some of these craftsmen use to work for the royal family and have passed on their skill from one generation to the other. Banarasi Silk products are one of the best buys in Uttar Pradesh and the many shops in Lucknow, Varanasi sees to it that you get your money's worth.

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