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Farrukhabad Hand Printing

India enjoys an international repute for its handicrafts and hand crafted items and much of the skill in this sphere is confined to the state of Uttar Pradesh. Hand printing is one of the important and popular offshoot of the handiwork in Uttar Pradesh. Hand printing is popularly practiced in Lucknow, Benaras, Pilakhua and Farrukhabad. Farrukhabad hand printing is famous all over the world. It would not be an exaggeration to state that Farrukhabad has become synonymous to the art of hand painting. Indianholiday.com is your indispensable e-travelogue that provides you with the requisite inputs on Farrukhabad Hand Printing.

Farrukhabad Hand Printing is majorly restricted to the traditional patterns. The skilled workers carry on experimentations with these traditional patterns that range from the classical butis that are also called polka dots to the more popular "Tree of Life". One remarkable aspect about these patterns is the harmony in the design and the color that synchronizes in a wonderful way. The "butis" are done on subdued backdrop. The dots are highlighted with sparkling or dark colors that look attractive on virtue of the contrast. Mango, or 'paisley' as it is popularly known, is a one important aspect of hand printing of Farrukhabad. Its specialty is its myriad shapes that are used in bold, medium and sometimes fine designs.

Farrukhabad Hand Printing still enjoys the prominence and importance even during a period when the machine based printing has captured the market. The advent of machines has no doubt made this art form stand face to face with financial loss, but those who attach a lot of importance to the manual labor can understand the value of Farrukhabad Hand Printing. The ignorance among the artisans concerning the supply chain and market demands is the major reason why they lag behind the other bigger players.

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