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The princely state of Uttar has a long line of history and tradition associated with it. The reigning monarchs were lovers of art and crafts and patronized it endearingly. Whether it be silk weaving or carpet making the craftsmen reached a high level of excellence. These monarchs patronized art and craft encouragingly and donated a large amount for their betterment. The craftsmen of yore who used to work for the royal family were skilled and meticulous with their work. These craftsmen passed their skill from one generation to the other and hence the art stayed in the family. Leatherware craft is famous in Agra and other parts of Uttar Pradesh. The leather industry thrives here and goods are exported all across the world. It is considered to be one of the main Crafts of Uttar Pradesh.

Leatherware products are famous in Agra. It started in a rural setup with preliminary manufacturing units. However with times business has thrived and now more city based units are coming into the forefront. You can visit the different manufacturing units of Leatherware in Agra where you could strike a good bargain as things are sold at a cheaper rate in here than in the shopping complexes. Some of the items on offer are shoes, sandals, chappals, jooties, saddles, harness, purses, leather garments, gloves, handbags, puppets and musical instruments. These products are reasonably priced and makes for one of the best buys here.

While Agra is known for its leather foot wares, Kanpur is famous for horse riding equipments like saddles and harness. Agra creates a particular type of flat thick shoes known as mojdis which are famous all over India. These shoes have design woven on the front part and narrows down towards the end. Bright colors, intricate design and perfect finish distinguish these items.

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