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Metalware in Uttar Pradesh

During your Tours to Uttar Pradesh, purchasing some Metalware could turn out to be an interesting activity. Counted amongst the Crafts of Uttar Pradesh, Metalware in Uttar Pradesh come in various forms. Uttar Pradesh is considered the largest Copper and Brass making State in the country with thousands of establishments. In domestic-ware, the small water-pots, lotas in common parlance, are known by the name of their origin like Banaras, Sitapur, Etawah etc. The various articles of ritual are largely cast in copper. So, you may have your pick from tamrapatra (a pot used for the purpose of storing water); panchapatra that holds all the articles required for worship; simhasan-a seat meant for the god; kanchanthal-a plate for offering sweets and flowers etc.

Two methods are broadly used in the casting of these Metalwares. Para, used for creating a single composite item, uses mould. On the other hand, darza is a type of sand-casting where several parts of a complex object are separately prepared and subsequently soldered. Moradabad in the State of Uttar Pradesh has become famous for its art metalwares. It is particularly noted for its colored enameling as well as the intricate engravings in niello.

Metalware in Uttar Pradesh also counts the utilitarian brass. A slight coating of lac is applied on the article. Afterwards, the pattern is first traced on it and subsequently engraved with a steel pointed pencil.

Other variations can also be seen amongst the Uttar Pradesh Metalware. Plates, boxes, coffee pots, cups and bowls are engraved with different geometric and floral patterns. These designs are often inlaid with vibrantly colored lac or vegetable resin. Sometimes, the decorations on these articles may include pictures reminiscent of the style of Mughal miniature painting. Even incidents from the Hindu Scriptures find a place in these metalwares.

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