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Raslila in Uttar Pradesh

Raslila is one of the famous Performing Arts of Uttar Pradesh. Raslila or Rasleela is an art form. It is a form of dance that depicts Lord Krishna's love towards the milkmaids of his village as well as his consort Radha.

History :

The dance form of Raslila owes its origin to the amorous encounters of Lord Krishna and his milkmaids. According to legend, once the milkmaids demanded Krishna to be their partner in dance. To please everyone, Krishna cast a spell. This spell made each of those milkmaids think that Krishna was dancing with them. Thus, the custom of Raslila was born

Description :

Raslila in Uttar Pradesh is generally performed on Rasia, a form of song that is wholly based on the subject of Krishna-Radha love. At Uttar Pradesh Raslila, you would find the presence of a folk tradition that has incorporated various fundamentals of Indian classical music, dance and drama. This presentation transcends the barriers of professionalism. Though the dramas boast of basic scripts, ample scope exists for extemporization and improvisation.

The emphasis of Raslila in Uttar Pradesh is on "darshan" which refers to seeing through sound. The visual sense is only for enhancement. However, the ultimate component is the 'bhava', a specific mood or sentiment that is conveyed by means of the music and songs. These coupled with the action of the drama facilitate the audience and the actors to personally savor the diverse dramatic flavors like friendship, parental love, amazement, humor, conjugal love, dread, chivalry, compassion and fury.

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