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Svanga in Uttar Pradesh

The folk form of Svanga is one of the famous Performing Arts of Uttar Pradesh. Tourists who come to Uttar Pradesh often ensure to catch a performance of Svanga and thereby entertain themselves.

History :

The origins of Svanga can be traced back to the late eighteenth century.

Description :

Svanga is also popular by the name of Sangeet. The folk form of Svanga is sourced in the semi-historical stories and ballads. It is generally performed during festivals or family occasions. In a patron's house or in the open grounds of a village, Svanga is performed by an all-male cast. Dialogues govern the show while the songs occupy a secondary position. The simple costumes worn during Svanga are contrasted by fancy headdresses as well as by the use of lots of false hair.

So, if you want your seat in the audience and have a pleasant time watching the Svanga performance, pack your bags and arrive in Uttar Pradesh at your earliest. Indeed, this art form is worth a watch and should not be missed at any cost.

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