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Terracotta and Clay Sculptures in Uttar Pradesh

Terracotta and clay sculptures occupy an important place in the golden pages of the history. In old times clay sculptures were exposed to sun to get dry and baked and later they were put in the ashes of open fireplace to harden them. After this process, these sculptures were kept in high temperature to give it a finishing of ceramic material. Basically the items that are made of terracotta and clay don brownish orange color. These objects have a very earthen look and it is this feel that attracts travelers from far and wide places to splurge their money on these.

On tours to Uttar Pradesh one of the very fascinating and gorgeous states in India which is also reputed to be the patron of arts and crafts, you must explore the terracotta and clay sculptures in Uttar Pradesh. This item deserves a special place in the field of creativity and has managed to woo thousands of visitors to make their purchases.

There are definitely end number of items which will attract you to go for them. But the one thing that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind is the terracotta and clay sculptures, Uttar Pradesh. The sculptures, made of clay and terracotta, are bought in huge quantity by great number of tourists. This item actually helps them carry the fond memories of the trip back home.

Your search for the terracotta and clay sculptures will become easy and enjoyable on venturing upon shopping in Gorakpur. Here you will get elegantly and intricately decorated terracotta horses. This place in Uttar Pradesh is said to have carved a niche for itself in this art. You will come across magnificent handcrafted showpieces and figurines. The best example of the terracotta and clay sculptures in Uttarpradesh is the idols of Ganesha and Durga idols which are made and sold in Gorakpur in huge numbers.

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