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Uttar Pradesh Arts

Uttar Pradesh is the proud land of many skilled and efficient art and artisans. The state is home to some of the popular centers of art traditions in India. The state has encouraged various forms of art since the days of Moguls. Emperors like Akbar, Shah Jahan, Dara Sikoh and Farrukhsiyar were the great lovers of art and initiated various traditions during their reign. Nawabs of Awadh and other nobles later carried the tradition forward. This is the primary reason why from Benaras to Agra, every small or big town is famous for some exquisite arts in Uttar Pradesh.

Arts of Uttar Pradesh are loved by all who attach a lot of value to fine and exclusive work. People across the globe on a visit to the city take back some exquisite art work of Uttar Pradesh. The visitors love to appreciate the fine arts of Uttar Pradesh and always make it a point to collect the exquisite items back home.

Firozabad town in Uttar Pradesh is the prime location of glassware manufacturing in India. The city is famous for a wide range of glassware in India; it has become synonymous to bangles. These bangles worn in hands come in thousands of designs, patterns and colors and are universally liked. The economy of the city is almost totally dependent upon the manufacturing and export of bangles. Glassware is one of the most famous arts of Uttar Pradesh.

Hand Printing is an ancient craft in India. The main centers of this art form are limited to the state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow, Benaras, Pilakhua and Farrukhabad are some of the famous centers of this art. For years now, Farrukhabad has become synonymous to the art of Hand Printing which is another grand form of arts of Uttar Pradesh.

Khurja in Uttar Pradesh is famous for ceramic pottery. The pottery, done with relief work, uses earth colors like orange, brown, and terracotta, worked on to a white background. The products made include ornamental items and table ware. This kind of pottery falls under the glazed pottery category. The colors are shades of blue and brown with which designs are done on white or cream surfaces. The products made include cups, saucers, bowls and vases. Uttar Pradesh arts are recognized world wide. The city is visited by thousands of tourists who are fascinated by the rich and exclusive arts of Uttar Pradesh.

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