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Craft of Uttar Pradesh

An integral part of India is related with its ancient art and craft that bears a long line of history and tradition. The contribution of Uttar Pradesh in the field of Art and Craft is indispensable. With each growing year the Crafts of Uttar Pradesh has gained momentum. It all started quite early in History with the reigning monarchs of Uttar Pradesh who were patronizers of Art and Crafts of Uttar Pradesh. The chronological history of the state shows us how each ruler contributed in the fields of craft throughout the ages.

The craftsmen of yore who used to work for the royal family were skilled and meticulous with their work. These craftsmen passed their skill from one generation to the other and hence the art stayed in the family.

Different regions of this state specialize in different Crafts of Uttar Pradesh. If Benaras is known for its benarasi silk saris and zari work, then Agra is known for its leather works, Mirzapur is known for its exquisite carpets, and Lucknow is known for its Chikankari work.

The craftsmen of Uttar Pradesh were gem of an artist creating wonders in stone and wood. The government of the state is trying its best to uphold these craftsmen through the many small and big industries that sprawls throughout Uttar Pradesh. Even handloom industries has got a new lease of life and gaining momentum every year. Each of the craft practiced in Uttar Pradesh has fine specialization. For instance benarasi silk is further specialized into zardosi, tissues and brocade saris and dress materials. Carpets can be coarse woven in jute or soft woven in cotton thread with silk patterns. Jewelries can be chunky with intricate pattern or lots of minakari work done.

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