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Culture of Uttar Pradesh

The dynamism of the people of Uttar Pradesh is reflected in the colorful vivacity of their fairs and festivals. Whether it is the village, still steeped in tradition, or the town, sheepishly modern, Uttar Pradesh never lose touch with its deep-rooted culture. The culture of Uttar Pradesh is superficially manifested through festivities all the year round. All Indian festivals are celebrated here with traditional joviality and fervor.

If you are planning to visit Uttar Pradesh you can take a glimpse of the Uttar Pradesh culture by visiting the world's seventh wonder along various world heritage sites, participate in the festivals, listen the traditional music and watch the Kathak dance, taste the special Awadhi cuisine and achieve the spiritual enlightenment on the ghats of river Ganga. Further you can shop for the exclusive Banarasi sari, Chikankari suits and brass artifacts as ornamental items that will revive the memory of this visit.

Uttar Pradesh is also famous for its handi-crafts. Skilled and efficient artisans are found here who are famous for making the Chickankari Embroidery of Lucknow is especially famous. Uttar Pradesh is the largest Brass and Copper making state in India with thousands of establishments. The diverse Culture of Uttar Pradesh is reflected from these backgrounds.

The Kathak dance style, the most admired classical dance form in India, flourished in UP. Today, foreign countries have also learned this graceful dance form to perfection: the gorgeous Veronique Azan as an example. The countryside songs and dances are noteworthy traits of local Uttar Pradesh culture.

The state is very well linked by all the means of transport. There are daily flights to all the major cities from Delhi. Besides there is also an outstanding rail net work linking the several parts of the state. With all the activities to do and see you will feel a dream come true, so plan a holiday trip to the state and make your visit the most ravishing ones. People in Uttar Pradesh mostly are accustomed with English, Hindi and Urdu dialect. Get accustomed to the unique culture in Uttar Pradesh.

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