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Bhotiya Dance in Uttarakhand

Bhotiya Dance is a ritual which falls under the traditional customs and rituals of the Bhotiyas of Uttarakhand. One of the ancient tribes of Uttarakhand, the Bhotiyas observe their rites and rituals and have preserved their customs even after all these years. The Bhotiya Dance is performed by Bhotiyas which is connected to their death ceremonies. According to them the soul of the dead person resides in the body of a goat or a sheep and through this Bhotiya Dance their soul can be liberated.

The Bhotiyas live in the Trans Himalayan region and have their own rituals and customs. The Bhotiya Tribes of Uttarakhand have their typical dances like "Dhurang" and "Dhuring" which are connected to the death ceremonies and passing away of some person.

The Bhotiya Dance is aimed at liberating the soul of the dead person which they believe rests in the body of a goat. The Bhotiya Dance of Uttarakhand is quite similar to the dance styles of Himachal Pradesh or the hunting dances of Nagaland.

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