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Crafts of Uttarakhand

The Crafts of Uttarakhand has the potential for great value-addition to the tourism industry of the region. Uttarakhand handicraft is famous for it's temple architecture, wood carvings, paintings and traditional ornaments. The crafts of Uttarakhand are exemplary examples of the skills of the people living in the Himalayas. Uttarakhand had traditional artisans including "Tamtas" (Copper Smith) well-known for their hand-made utensils, and other artisans making useful household items from Bamboo and other commercial wood. Crafts of Uttarakhand also include various forms of embroidery and handworks.

Temple architecture in Uttarakhand was patronized by the erstwhile rulers of the region, who erected huge stone temples, featuring intricate and ornamental carvings, and beautiful stone and metal idols adorning the interiors.

Among the crafts of Uttarakhand, stone carving and wood carving were pretty well-revered. Though the art of stone carving gradually died down with time, wood carving still remains a craft of prime importance. The hilly region is abundant in wood and wood products, and the local artisans carved exquisite designs on doors, windows and ceilings of the houses in Uttarakhand. These beautifully adorned doors and windows still attract art lovers.

Mughal style paintings are another of the main crafts of Uttarakhand. Wall paintings are among the oldest traditions of the region, and generally two different styles of paintings are found - one for the kitchen, and the other for ceremonial places.

The traditional ornaments of Uttarakhand exhibit designs and patterns which are thousands of years old. These gold, silver and copper ornaments were overlaid in brass and rate as one of the most-admired crafts of Uttarakhand.