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Langvir Dance in Uttarakhand

Langvir Dance is one of the major dance forms of Uttarakhand. It is a unique dance famous in the Tehri Garhwal region of the state. This is an acrobatic dance that is performed solely by men. In the Langvir dance, a long bamboo pole is fixed at a place. The dancer climbs to the top of this pole and balances himself on his navel on the top. Next, a band of musicians plays the dhol and damana under the pole. Then, the dancer balances skillfully and rotates on the top of the pole, performing other acrobatic stunts with his hands and feet.

During this festival, the music is played by a music band, and it is entertaining to watch the mix of dance and sound. In addition, Damana and Dhol are important instruments involved in the dance form of Uttarakhand. This dance aims to keep the gods entertained by including dramas and music. Balancing is one of the most critical aspects of this dance. Moreover, It is a delight to watch the man on top of the pole rotate while maintaining balance on his stomach.