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Paintings of Uttarakhand

The paintings of Uttarakhand are unique and diverse. Garhwal in Uttarakhand is famed for Mughal style of paintings introduced by a Mughal Prince during the great Mughal regime. The University Museum in Srinagar, Garhwal exhibits a marvelous collection of these paintings along with numerous sculptures and findings from archaeological excavations.

The women folk of Kumaon practice Aipan, a popular art form of Kumaon. Walls, papers and pieces of cloth are decorated by drawing various geometric and other figures of Gods, Goddesses and objects of nature. There is another kind of painting called Peeth, where floor of the seat of Gods and Goddesses is beautified with geometrical designs.

Wall painting is another form of painting, and one of the oldest traditions of the region. Wall painting is generally done on the occasion of domestic ceremonies such as weddings when walls and doors of the house are decorated. Usually two different kinds of paintings are followed for the Kitchen and another for the ceremonial places.

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