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Performing Arts of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a diverse and rich cultural state, and its performing art reflects that perfectly. Whether it is dance or folk songs, each performing art is well connected with the roots of culture. 

The performing arts of Uttarakhand mainly comprise different dance forms. Most of these performing arts are extremely popular in the Garhwal region of the state. In Kumaon, people are fond of music, folk dance, and songs accompanied by local musical instruments like Murli, Bina, and Hurka. 

The Jurkiya plays the Hurka, accompanied by the dancer known as Hurkiyari, who is generally his wife or daughter. They go to various places narrating folklores, singing the praise of their Gods and Goddesses. The Kumaonese perform different folk dances such as Jharva and Chandhur Chhapalior during fairs and festivals and at harvest time. The popular folk songs of the region are Malushahi, Bair, and Hurkiya Bol. It all collectively forms the performing arts of Uttarakhand. You can see different dance forms with uniquely designed clothes that are a delight to watch in the vibrant atmosphere. 

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