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Wood Carving of Uttarakhand

Wood carving is an art mastered by the craft-persons of Uttarakhand. The state is abundant in wood and wood products. The houses of the region have the carvings on their doors, windows and ceilings marvelously adorned in a simple and gorgeous style by the artisans. The open space of the windows is filled with specific latticework to give a screen like effect by the skilled crafts persons. Besides floral designs, animals, and fishes, most of the wood carvings have Gods or Goddesses as their motifs.

The local word used for decorative wood carvings on front doors is Kholi. The desire to decorate is an essential element of the local culture and the embellishment of carved wooden doors a manifestation of one's social status and prosperity.

Decorative pieces made from wood like intricately carved cane sticks are instances of wood carving of Uttarakhand. Cities like Dehradun and Nainital in Uttarakhand are renowned for wood carving. In Garhwal and Kumaon the portico of the upper stories of the dwelling units are generally made of wood and attractively carved.

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