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Cuisine of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand cuisines offer various food items that treat your taste buds. It is unconventional to say that the cuisine of Uttarakhand is strongly influenced by its geography. The unique taste and nutritious ingredients of the cuisine of Uttarakhand form one of the most important attractions of a tour to Uttarakhand. 

Why are Uttarakhand Dishes Special?

Several factors have influenced the cuisine of Uttarakhand, but none are as crucial as the topography and lifestyle of the region itself. The main ingredients in the foods of Uttarakhand are found in and around the forests, lakes, and mountains. With the availability of several pulses, cereals, and vegetables which are rarely found in other parts of the world. In addition, milk and a number of its products are some of the most common food items used in the cuisine of Uttarakhand, making it special in numerous ways.

While walking through the winding roads of the mountainous countryside, do not be surprised if you come across a tiny rustic shop selling flowers cooked in the purest of mountainous, clarified butter. Tasteful items with breathtaking scenery add a unique charm to your holiday in Uttarakhand. 

Some of the famous foods of Uttarakhand are Singal, Gahat ki Dal, Rus, Aloo ke Gutke, Kumaoni Raita, Jhangora Ki Kheer, Sani hui Muli, and Nimbu, Singodi, Bal Mithai, Kandalee ka Saag, Kaafli, Arsa, Gulgula, and Kulath Phanu.

Here are the Famous Foods of Uttarakhand

  • Kafuli

Among the most consumed dishes of Uttarakhand is Kafuli. It is prepared from green leafy vegetables, mainly Spinach or Rai leaves, into a thick gravy. Kafuli is also called Kafali and Kafli in some parts of Uttarakhand. 

  • Bhang Ki Chutney

A popular delicacy in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, Bhang Ki Chutney is made from Hemp seeds (Bhang). They do not have any psychoactive properties. This chutney is sour, made by roasting Bhang and cumin seeds and mixed with lemon. It can be served with any food.

  • Garhwal Ka Fannah

This is a traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand and a famous delicacy from Mussoorie, the Queen of the Hills. It is made with simple ingredients but is packed with flavors. No doubt it is among the best Pahari cuisine. The prominent flavor comes with tomatoes and is creamy in texture. Garhwal Ka Fannah is served with chapatis and is quite filling. 

  • Phaanu

Phaanu is made of lentils (dal) by soaking it in water for around 4 to 6 hours before making it. People use different dals – Gahat, green Moong, or Arhar – to prepare Phaanu. 

  • Baadi

A simple to make food of Uttarakhand, Baddi is made from Kewada ka Aata, also called Choon or Mandua Flour, which is black in color). First, Baadi is beaten with Phaanu or Gahat ki dal and served hot with ghee.

  • Kandalee ka Saag

A famous food of Uttarakhand, especially among tourists, Kandalee ka Saag is perfect for diet-conscious people. It is a healthy dish prepared with paneer and a leafy vegetable called ‘bicchu ghas’. You can have it with hot paranthas. 

  • Jhangore ki Kheer

Jhangore ki Kheer is a sweet dish made with Jhangora, sugar, milk, cashews, raisins, chironji, and Kewara essence. It is highly nutritious and served after the main course. 

  • Gulgula

Among the sweet foods of Uttarakhand is gulgula. It is a popular dish among tourists, a local snack made with jaggery, wheat flour, and fennel seeds. Gulgula originated in the Garhwal region and is found in many Northern India places.

  • Arsa

Prepared with cane sugar, rice, and mustard oil, Arsa is a traditional food of Uttarakhand and a sweet Pahari delicacy. It is made for weddings and traditional ceremonies and celebrations. People savor this dessert throughout the state. It is an ideal snack with melts in your mouth and taking on road trips and picnics.

  • Singori

Sweets are a major part of the famous cuisines of Uttarakhand. Singori is another sweet dish in Kumaon. It is made from Khoya, sugar, and coconut leaves and then wrapped in maalu leaf. Singori is prepared during seasonal celebrations and served to the people.

  • Aaloo ke Gutke

A traditional dish, Aloo ke Gutke needs simple ingredients like boiled potatoes, basic spices, and mustard oil. In Garhwal, this dish is prepared with Jakhya (a local spice), and in Kumaon, it is prepared with cumin seeds. It is quick to make and can be served as a snack, a side dish with rice and dal, or even served in a lunch box with poori and chapatis.

  • Chainsoo

Chainsoo is made with black gram dal (urad dal). First, it is grinded and then roasted. It is healthy with high protein value. Chainsoo can also be made with a variation like black bhat but in this case, it will be called bhattwani.

So on your next visit to Uttarakhand, make sure to try at least five out of this list of famous cuisine of Uttarakhand. If you are planning a tour, Indian Holiday offers customizable Uttarakhand tour packages.