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History of Uttarakhand

The history of Uttarakhand stretches back to times immemorial when the first mention of the region was found in ancient Hindu scriptures, which gave various names to the region like Kedarkhand, Manakhand and Himavat. Often termed as "Dev Bhoomi" or the "Land of the Gods", stories concerning Uttarakhand abound in a number of ancient texts which date back to the age of the Puranas.

The history of Uttarakhand can be divided into two basic categories, the history of the Garhwal region and the history of the Kumaon region.

Though, the regions share similar topographic features, yet the regions vary in terms of their history, ethnicity and culture. The regions which today are collectively termed as the Kumaon region, have a history which has revealed to later generations the presence of a number of settlements which date back to the Stone Age.

The province was formed as a result of amalgamation of 13 hilly districts of Northern India, on November 9th, 2000, when Uttarakhand became the 27th province of the Republic of India.