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Uttarakahnd Temperature

Blessed with alluring landscapes, sprawling meadows, snow-clad peaks, and breathtaking beauty, Uttarakhand is located in the northern region of the country. Owing to its location, Uttarakhand's temperature remains comfortable and the state enjoys pleasant climatic conditions.

The weather in Uttarakhand is influenced to a large extent by the geography of Uttarakhand. Mainly mountainous and snowy peaks of the Himalayas act as a natural cooler for the state. The hills are known for their severely cold winters and almost non-existent summers. The winters in the hills are often accompanied by snowfall which adds a special charm to a holiday in Uttarakhand planned during this period.

The plains of Uttarakhand, on the other hand, have a climate that is to a large extent very different from the climate in the hills of Uttarakhand. The climate of plain regions of Uttarakhand is very much similar to their Gangetic counterparts and remains hot and humid for the most part of the year.

During the summer, the weather in Uttarakhand remains welcoming as compared to the oppressive heat that surrounds most of the other parts of India. The climate in the winter season remains enjoyable for the tourists and perfect for those who wish to experience snowfall.

Uttarakhand Temperature

  Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min Temperature 0°C          7°C          9°C          18°C          20°C          23°C          22°C          22°C          20°C          15°C 10°C 6°C
Max Temperature 23°C          21°C          23°C          32°C          34°C          34°C          30°C          29°C          29°C 28°C 25°C 21°C

Here is detailed information about Uttarakhand temperature and climate.

Uttarakhand Temperature in January

January is the coldest month of the year in Uttarakhand and temperature dip to subzero. The high-altitude hill stations of Uttarakhand experience heavy snowfall, which makes it the perfect time to plan a family trip and honeymoon. Tourists can indulge in snow activities and relish the best Uttarakhand trip while enjoying the perfect climatic conditions.

The temperature in Uttarakhand in January hovers around 0⁰C to 17⁰C and makes the weather remain chilly. Skiing in Auli, Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park, camping in Rishikesh, trek to Chopta Chandrashila are among the best things to do in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Temperature in February

The winter season remains in its full fervor in Uttarakhand in February as well. The average temperature in Uttarakhand in February varies between 7⁰C and 21⁰C. The cold and pleasant weather of Uttarakhand makes the trip comfortable and the sightseeing tour enjoyable.

Tourists can indulge in rafting in Rishikesh, pilgrimage tour to Haridwar, trek in Kedarkantha and Nag Tibba Peaks, boat ride in Nainital, and camping in Shivpuri.

Uttarakhand Temperature in March

The climatic conditions start to change from this month and the average temperature in Uttarakhand in March goes up. It ranges from 9⁰C to 23⁰C this month. The weather remains sunny during the daytime and comfortably cold during the night.

The pleasant weather of Uttarakhand in March makes it among the best times to visit and enjoy a sightseeing tour. The popular things to do in Uttarakhand in March are camping in Kaudiyala, trek to Kuari Pass, cliff jumping in Rishikesh, cable car ride in Nainital, and rafting in Tiuni. 

Uttarakhand Temperature in April

The weather in Uttarakhand in April remains moderate and salubrious weather makes the exploration comfortable. Wildlife expeditions in Rajaji National Park, rappelling in Mussoorie, bungee jumping in Rishikesh, and camping in Lansdowne are among the popular activities to do in Uttarakhand in April with family and friends.

The temperature in April in Uttarakhand hovers around 16⁰C to 32⁰C, which is pleasant for outdoor activities. The comfortably balmy weather makes the sightseeing tour and outdoor activities enjoyable for the tourists.

Uttarakhand Temperature in May

The warmest month of the year in Uttarakhand, May is also the last month of the summer. The climatic conditions remain salubrious which makes Uttarakhand in May a perfect getaway from the scorching heat of the plains of North India.

The average temperature ranges from 20⁰C to 34⁰C, which is comfortable for the sightseeing tour. Char Dham Yatra also gets started and embarking on this holy sojourn is among the best things to do in Uttarakhand in May. The best places to visit in May in Uttarakhand are Kausani, Tehri, Munsiyari, and Lansdowne. These breathtaking hill towns enjoy salubrious weather this month, which makes them ideal tourist destinations. 

Uttarakhand Temperature in June

The summer season is about to end and the monsoon season is about to set in this month. The humidity is at its peak and hill towns of Uttarakhand get ready for the downpour. The temperature in Uttarakhand in June ranges between 23⁰C and 34⁰C.

This month is perfect for bird watching in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, camping in Dhanaulti, trekking in Pithoragarh, and a nature walk in Kanatal. The weather in June in Uttarakhand remains enjoyable for outdoor activities.

Uttarakhand Temperature in July

Most of the state receives heavy rainfall in this month and the average temperature ranges from 22⁰C to 30⁰C. The hill towns of Uttarakhand in July turn into heaven with lush greenery all around. Trek to Valley of Flower offers once in a lifetime experience.

Most of the adventure activities and water sports remain closed in the rainy season. Tourists can indulge in trekking, nature walk, and pilgrimage tours in July. The weather in July remains cool in Uttarakhand and comfortable for outdoor activities. 

Uttarakhand Temperature in August

The weather in August in Uttarakhand remains blissful. Due to heavy downpour, this is the off-season for tourists which makes it a perfect time for budget travelers as they can get accommodation at a discounted price.

The average temperature in August in Uttarakhand varies between 22⁰C and 29⁰C. Char Dham Yatra still remains the most popular thing to do in Uttarakhand this month. 

Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath along with the Panch Prayags are the most popular places to visit in Uttrakhand in August. These breathtakingly beautiful places are a paradise for nature lovers as well as pilgrims.

Uttarakhand Temperature in September

The monsoon season comes to an end this month and the weather remains moderate. The climate in Uttarakhand in September remains comfortable for outdoor activities as the state witnessed an almost negligible downpour.

In the second half of September, most of the water sports start again and tourists can indulge in adventure activities.

The average temperature in September in Uttarakhand remains 20°C to 29°C, which is enjoyable for sightseeing. Tourists can visit the beautiful hill towns of Uttarakhand including Kausani, Munisyari, Ranikhet, Dhanaulti, and Binsar in Uttarakhand in September with family and kids.

Uttarakhand Temperature in October

With the arrival of October in Uttarakhand, the onset of winter starts and the weather becomes soothing. The temperature in Uttarakhand in October hovers around 15°C and 28°C.

There are numerous activities to enjoy in October including jungle safari in Jim Corbett, bird watching in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, river rafting, and cliff jumping, camping in Chopta, and trekking in almost all parts of Uttarakhand.

Char Dham Yatra is one of the prominent pilgrimage sojourns of Uttarakhand on which people embark upon as comfortable weather makes the Yatra memorable.

October is an ideal time to visit on Uttarakhand trip with family and friends. Couples and solo travelers can also partake in numerous activities while exploring nature at its best.

Uttarakhand Temperature in November

Winter in Uttarakhand in November reaches its peak and the high altitude region of the state receives heavy snowfall.

The temperature in Uttarakhand starts to drop in November and the average temperature is from 10°C to 25°C. Char Dham Yatra ends near Diwali as the region receives heavy snowfall and roads get blocked.

Those who wish to enjoy snow showers can visit the hill stations of Uttarakhand in November. It is advisable to carry heavy woolen while traveling to the state. Snow treks and wildlife exploration tours have become popular activities this month.

Some of the popular tourist destinations in Uttarakhand in November are Rishikesh, Chopta, Nainital, Chakrata, Lansdowne, Mussoorie, and Dehradun.

Uttarakhand Temperature in December

With the heavy snowfall, Uttarakhand becomes heaven for nature lovers in December. The weather remains cold and chilly this month.

The temperature in Uttarakhand in December remains 6⁰C to 21⁰C.  Auli is among the best tourist places to visit in Uttrakhand in December. This enthralling hill town has become a hotspot for tourists who wish to enjoy snowfall and look forward to indulging in skiing.

Trekking, wildlife tours, nature walk, bird watching, boating, camping, zorbing, zip-lining, paragliding, and sightseeing tours can be enjoyed this month in Uttarakhand. It is also a perfect time for honeymooners to visit Uttarakhand and indulge in adventure activities to make their first vacation memorable.