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Excursions from Vadodara

Vadodara is one of the most significant towns of Gujarat that has witnessed a lot of adversities during the rules of various kings. The history, culture and heritage of Vadodara are some of the most impressive ones that beckon a large number of tourists from the different parts of India every year. Vadodara is not only a growing hub of industrialization but also is a center of art and culture and has since time immemorial epitomized the artistic development of Gujarat. There are many things to witness in and around Vadodara and the Excursions from Vadodara would take you to these various centers of tourist attraction, in the vicinity of the city.

One such place of interest that the tourist can visit on his Vadodara excursions is the town of Champaner and Pavagadh which is located at a distance of 47 km to the northeastern part of Vadodara. This place is quite famous for the Jama Masjid, which proudly stands as one of the best mosques in Gujarat. is your authentic online travel guide that provides comprehensive data on the Excursions from Vadodara and keeps you in touch with the latest in the world of Indian travel.

On your Tour to Champaner and Pavagadh, you will come across the famous fort, located here that belongs to the medieval period. Further, at a distance of 29 km to the southeast of Vadodara one will come across a Hindu Military architecture that belongs to the 13th century. For the pilgrim travelers, Vadodara excursions have quite a few surprises in store for them. There is the Temple of Ranchodrai which is located at a distance of 50 km from Vadodara and is a holy place for the followers of lord Krishna. The temple beckons tourists with its simple charm.

Besides these, excursions from Baroda include: Jambughoda Sanctuary situated 78 km from Vadodara, which is well-known for the four-horned antelope, panthers and rare birds and Lasundara located at a distance of 85 km from Vadoara, popular for its hot and cold springs whose waters are said to have healing properties for skin diseases.


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