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Excursions from Vrindavan

Vrindavan located on the banks of River Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh is one of the main pilgrim points for the Hindus. It earns much of its claim to fame for being the place where Lord Krishna spent much of his time with his gopis and beloved Radha. Raaslila of Krishna is the predominant theme of many of the school of paintings and miniature artists. The many temples in Vrindavan are seen at their best during Janmashthami, Holi and Radhasthimi. While in Vrindavan you can avail the different Dharamshalas and guest houses that offer you good accommodation at a reasonable rate. The guest house of ISCKON is a good bet. You can also go out on Excursions from Vrindavan to the many idyllic places situated close to here.

Tour to Mathura is well called for as it is situated just 15 kilometers away from Vrindavan. As per mythology Lord Krishna was born here and spent a considerable time of his youth here. Located on the banks of River Yamuna it is the center of Brajbhumi.

The city is seen at its colorful best during Holi and Janmashthami when all the temples are decorated with garlands. Both Vrindavan and Mathura attracts hordes of tourists during this time. A Tour to Gokul and a Tour to Mahaban is important if you want to see the places where Krishna was secretly raised. Pilgrims and tourist flock these places during Janmashthami.

A good network of roads connects these places. Busses and rented taxis ply daily making travel easy and comfortable.


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