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History of Vrindavan

History of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India is an interesting one. The name of this place evokes the lovable characteristics and playfulness of Lord Shri Krishna. Vrindavan is the place where Krishna tenderly wooed Radha and frolicked with the gopis.

When we talk about the Vrindavan History, the mention of Krishna is inevitable. Although Vrindavan is not Krishna's birth place, it is at this place where he is said to have passed a lot of time in playful activities and teasing the cow herding girls, gopis in common parlance. In fact, Krishna was quite notorious in the act of hiding the clothes of these gopis as they took a bath in the river.

That river has now meandered away. Even the erstwhile woods that once flourished at this place have long since vanished. However, Vrindavan still maintains some wooded parklands. The details about Krishna's life have similarly been somewhat ambiguous, thanks to the myth that surrounds him. Nevertheless, Krishna's validity as an important historical figure is borne out by very old scriptures like the Mahabharata which has records of great battles that were once fought in this region.

So, without any delay, embark on your Vrindavan Tour to feel the real essence of this place.


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