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Palace Wedding in Gujarat

Royal wedding is very popular in the exquisite Palaces (Forts) of Gujarat, in royal and rich ambience. Gujarat, India is the perfect place to plan regal / royal marriages. A cherished venue for royal weddings, Gujarat is a favored destination for organizing grand weddings. Palace (Fort) Weddings in Gujarat is very popular and much sought after affair. Romantic weddings in Gujarat are reflected in these glorious palaces and forts of Gujarat. Palaces and Fort weddings in Gujarat are mainly elaborate and lavish.

Gujarat is sprinkled with numerous dreamlike palaces, charming forts and palatial mansions (havelis). Wedding in Gujarat is grand and lavish and is reminiscent of the royal past. Most of these charming palaces and forts in Gujarat are scrupulously transformed into heritage hotels to reflect the essence of the glorious past blended well with the sophistication of the modern times. Enter into the sacred bond of matrimony in the most regal and splendor setting in one of the most grand Palace (Forts) Weddings in Gujarat.

The forts and Palaces of Gujarat showcase impressive architectural monuments and the historical backdrop which is major attraction for the tourists to get married in the lavish ambience.

Gujarat, situated in India, happens to be one of the few states which have Palaces and constructions with an exclusive blend of Hindu, Islamic and European architecture. Provincial wooden furniture in these buildings is another charming ingredient which makes your wedding elegant and grand. Usually foreigners and non resident Indians or the big celebrities and business tycoons can afford such grand Palace (Forts) Weddings in Gujarat.

The Indian community reflects unrestrained enthusiasm in the affairs of matrimonial alliance. Indian weddings are organized on a grand scale and their rituals are very colorful. Hence, Indian marriages in royal backdrop are very attractive and draw attention. Palaces and Forts Wedding in Gujarat includes arranging and providing local priest to perform the ceremony. The paraphernalia comprise of Traditional Folk music, Ladies dances, lighting arrangements, Lunch and Dinner during the ceremony, evening cocktails, Flower arrangement and Exclusive Video coverage of the marriage ceremony by professionals. It is a lifetime experience to exchange scared vows of marriage in royal ambience.

The grand Palaces and Forts of Gujarat are revamped into Heritage Hotels which serve as the perfect venues for royal weddings. These hotels and Inns are made out of the old Palaces and forts of the kings and the various Thikanedars. Some of the Heritage Hotels present in Gujarat are Balram Palace Resort Palampur, The Palace- Utelia which is a grandiose turn of the century Haveli, located 78 kilometers from Ahmedabad. Another sought after palace is the Nilambagh Palace Hotel of Bhavnagar which is another epitome of culture and tradition.

Other famous forts and palaces of Gujarat are Uparkot Fort, Kusum Vilas Palace, Nazar Bagh Palace, and the majestic and tall standing Dabhoi Fort. The Lakhota Fort and the Kotha Bastion are two of the much popular buildings of the medieval age in the middle of Jamnagar, situated in Gujarat, India. These places can also at times organize royal weddings. Make your wedding truly special and memorable. It is an experience to cherish for the rest of your life.

Make your wedding day a once in a lifetime experience and truly memorable by organizing in of the elaborate and splendid Palaces and Forts. Palaces (Forts) Weddings in India is admired internationally.

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