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Wedding in Gujarat

Gujarat is the land of princes, the land of the desert and of temples. From a royal wedding to an exotic one, you get it all in Gujarat. Have a grand wedding in the manner of the Indian royalty in an ancient fortress surrounded by the regalia of a bygone era, the narrow corridors, and massive pillars standing witness to the coming together of two souls seeped in romance and love for each other. And the most important moment in your life remains frozen in time and resounds in the time worn parapets of some centuries old fort in Gujarat. As exotic wedding venues in India are gaining popularity, Fort wedding in Gujarat is also becoming quite popular by the day.

Why Gujarat

Gujarat has behind it thousands years history of Rajput princes, of feudal lords and Hindu warlords. Besides, Gujarat is a seaside state and offers quite a few lonely beaches for the tourists. And since Gujarat is not popular yet as a beach resort, the beaches in Gujarat are unpopulated, or are fishing villages- in both cases what you would gain is a rustic simplicity and forlornness that would leave you two love birds to get lost in each other without a thought of anything outside yourselves. So be it a quaint beach wedding or a grand fort wedding, Gujarat is the perfect choice. Moreover Gujarat is very well connected to the rest of the country by rail road and air making it one of the most easily connectible parts of India and the roads within Gujarat are very well connected as well and motorable.

The bandhes sarees and dress material in Gujarat are quite famous all over the world among the lovers of cotton and vegetable dye.

If you want to stun your friends with a new out of the way look on your wedding night, you can always get hold of some of these fabric and use them the way you want it. You might also choose to give it an entirely traditional look with the head dress for the groom and the ghagra or chunari for the groom. That and the traditional accessories of glass or silver bangles you can look the perfect traditional Gujarati damsel.

With the ceremonial part of your wedding done, you can throw a gala fort feast for your friends with the choicest Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine if you like.

So come to Gujarat for an unusually colorful and vibrant wedding.

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