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Wedding in Udaipur

A vision in white drenched in romance and beauty, Udaipur is an exquisite blend of multifarious sights, sounds and experiences - providing many an inspiration to poets, painters and writers since centuries. A beautiful city in Rajasthan state of India, Udaipur presents a kaleidoscope of fairy-tale palaces, imposing forts, placid lakes, temples, gardens, reminiscent of a heroic past strewn with tales of valor and chivalry. One of the most romantic places on earth, Udaipur is a perfect venue for indulging in a fairytale wedding in Udaipur.

Udaipur is one of the exotic wedding venues in India, and Wedding Tourism in Udaipur is increasingly becoming popular all over the world. Seeped in romance, the city, with its regal past offers a magnificent wedding destination, accompanied by all the spectacular paraphernalia of a royal Indian wedding. A wedding in Udaipur is marked by several ceremonies and rituals. These rituals and ceremonies performed during the wedding are influenced by the various cultures and traditions of this glorious land. Indianholiday helps you to understand and know more about Indian Wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

The Grand Heritage Palaces and Royal Mansions of Udaipur have become some of the most sough-after venues for Wedding Celebrations in Udaipur. These enticing venues are steeped in history and romance, and they offer an ideal setting for royal wedding in Udaipur. The impeccably appointed facilities and magnificent palace venues come together to create a spectacular backdrop for a truly regal wedding. Jagmandir Durbar Hall, Lake Palace, Manek Chowk, Zenana Mahal, Promenade and the rustic Risala village resort are some of the venues where you can plan a grand wedding in Udaipur.

Manek Chowk, located next to the magnificent City Palace has functioned as an exotic venue for royal weddings in Udaipur since the medieval times. The exquisite Lake Palace that sits pretty in the center of Lake Pichola is another superb venue to organize your royal wedding in Udaipur. You may even choose to solemnize your wedding vows in grand ceremonial style at the Risala Village Resort, which once served as the hunting lodge of the Mewar royalty.

A royal wedding in Udaipur commences with prayers to Lord Ganesha and other local deities, followed by ritualistic ceremonies at the bride's and bridegroom' s places respectively.The groom's sister applies henna on his hand, and thereafter a haldi ceremony marked with cheerful dancing, singing and general fervor is celebrated. In the meantime, the bride is decked in gold and brocade, with thickly hennaed palms and feet.

On the royal wedding day, all male member's of the groom's party gather and tie colorful safas or fashionable headgear on each other. Later the baraat (groom's party) proceeds towards the wedding venue with the groom riding a horse in royal style. The bride's family welcomes the baraat by sprinkling rosewater and flower petals as they enter.

The traditional wedding ceremony in Udaipur is marked by cultural dance performances, exotic traditional cuisine accompanied by royal grandeur and pomp.

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