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Birds in B R Hills

The whistling and chirping sounds by the birds forms the serene and mystique atmosphere of the B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.

Birds in B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary forms a major attraction for the forests.

Spotting different avian species has never been a difficult task at the forests. As a matter of fact the different species of birds found in the forest has added another feather to the beautiful cap of the forest.

These 270 species of different birds have drawn various ornithologist and thousands of tourist to this beautiful forest.

The Malabar whistling thrush, yellow throated bulbul, paradise flycatcher, racquet-tailed drongo and the crested hawk eagle are the major species which are spotted in the forests.

The B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is real a treat to all those bird lovers. Even Dr. Salim ali, the birdman of India, visited the forest for its rich reserve of birds.

To savor the chirping and twittering of birds at its natural best, you should not miss the B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary