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Fauna in B.R Hills

B.R Hills is one of the main tourist destinations in Karnataka, which draws the tourists from all over the country and abroad to enjoy the varied wildlife of the Deccan plateau. B.R Hills is formally known as the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary and is spread over an area of 540 sq km at the eastern most edge of the Western Ghats.

The hills are mainly located in the Yelandur taluk Of Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka. The soothing climate of the sanctuary and the lush green vegetation is the perfect homeland for the wild animals and beasts. The dry deciduous forest holds a diverse range of flora - from scrubs to montane grasslands.

B.R Hills in Karnataka is famous for its rich wildlife and especially for the large population of elephants and tigers that can be spotted in the land. The teeming fauna in B.R Hills makes it occupy a special position amongst the other wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

Tourists can spot herds of wild elephants roaming in their territory and the calves being nourished by their mothers. The herd of wild beasts in the nearby water bodies and their playful activities will always be the experience of a lifetime for the tourists.

There are Indian gaurs, tigers, leopards, wild dogs which form the main attraction of the sanctuary. Tigers are specially taken care of, so that their numbers increase and the ecological balance is well-maintained. A wide variety of butterflies and 22 species of reptiles make the sanctuary a complete tourist destination. Many reptiles and insects are regarded as some of the oldest in India. Each and every animal, bird and reptile is looked after so that they can receive the suitable ambience to regenerate and thrive.

Lesser cats, sloth bears, sambhars, chitals, barking deer, four horned antelopes, flying squirrel and deer are taken special care of as their numbers are reducing.

Apart from the migratory birds, there are 254 species of fowls found in B.R Hills. Vibrant with all varieties of fauna and flora, BR hills is a wonderful tourist destination.