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Flora in B R Hills

The variable climatic condition along with variations in altitude have paved a way to a heterogeneous habitat conducive for vegetation of all major forest vegetation. From scrub, deciduous, riparian, evergreen, sholas to grasslands, every type of forest vegetation is found in the B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. The varied Flora in B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary attracts many nature lovers to spend some time in the lap of serene forests.

A total of around 800 species of plants are found in the B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Incidentally the vegetation shows more resemblance towards the Western Ghats. Truly a wonderful Eco-region for a numerous plants and animals to sustain their life.

The suitable climate ( big difference in the mean temperature and the optimum amount of rainfall) in these hills have played an important part in the growth of the plentiful vegetation. The Bilgiris region is covered by dry broadleaf forest and the southern part of the deccan plateau showcases the deciduous forests. The lower regions are enveloped by scrubs which unfortunately have been degraded by excessive use. The other parts of the forest contains Shola and Grasslands. The trees sometimes even elongates up to 1800mts.

Truly a habitat nestled with various vegetation and locating different eco-regions.