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Transport in B R Hills

The B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary offers its tourists lots to watch. The forest is affluent in its flora and fauna. The forest comprises of numerous species of animals and almost 800 species of plants. In addition to it the forest is home to 270 different species of birds.

Tour into the deep forest is always a fascinating affair with the wildlife all around. Trekking through the untrodden ways of the hills is one of the ways to encounter the wildlife closely. You can enjoy the stay in the base camps, which definitely is quite adventurous in itself. This probably is the best way to explore the Avian treasure of the jungle.

Another favorite way of exploring the jungle is to tour in a jeep. This facility allows the tourists to get close to the playful herds of the pachyderms or the attractive tigers. The ever spirited life of the smaller animals of the park can be best seen in these jeep safaris.

Go around the park on an Elephant's back. Let the mahout guide you to the intricacies of the forest and give you a chance of savoring the ride of lifetime the Maharaja style !

You can also enjoy different safari tours organized by the forest administration

So get ready to get enthralled by the magic of the forest!