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Wildlife in B R Hills

Nestled in the deep forest and lofty hill ranges wildlife in B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary attracts animal lovers to spend some time in the serenity of the forest.

The Wildlife in B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary serves as an connector between the Eastern and the Western Ghats. This forest associates the largest population of the Asian Elephants and Tigers of Southern India. In fact the herds of the Elephants are the most noticeable of the lot.

This forest is the largest reserve for the these pachyderms to be found in large numbers. The climatic and plenteous vegetation forms the ideal habitat for these animals.

The other attraction of the wildlife sanctuary are the tigers or white striped tigers. As a matter of fact a recent survey has shown that there exists a total of 17 tigers in Sanctuary. So you have to depend on your luck to get a glimpse of this marvelous creature.

The B R hills has been a perfect place to watch a large number of smaller animals. There are approximately 26 species of mammals found in the forest.

The B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for Gaur, a large Asian variety of Deer and Chital, another variety of Deer. The list of the other mammals includes sambhar, the shy barking deer and the rare four-horned antelope. The carnivorous group includes leopards, wild dogs, lesser cats and sloth bears.

Also the presence of two species of Primates and three species of squirrels are recorded among which the giant flying squirrel is a part.

There exists 254 species of birds in these forests. The forest personnel are always in hunt for some discoveries. A microhylid frog Microhyla sholigari is added to the recent list.

Adventure in B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary never ceases and the exciting wildlife is just a part of it. Come and enjoy it.